December 31, 2012

Top 10 of 2012

I realize that I have a lot of Christmas to still record (and I will, hopefully soon), but I like to end each year with a list of our Top 10 posts.  As usual, I had a difficult time narrowing it down, and managed to squeeze a few more than 10 posts into my Top 10 list (my blog, my rules).  Click on the highlighted words to go to each post and take a walk down memory lane - or at least the short portion of memory lane that covers this past year.

Top 10 of 2012
#10 A Snapshot in Time - I wish I had done more of these...maybe that will be a goal of 2013.
#9 Fire Safety Day - Sure it might not have had the long-term impact I had hoped, but it was a good thing, and will continue to be a tradition.
#8 A reunion - while there were a lot of wonderful things about Easter that were worth recording, this reunion with college friends who were like family made it especially monumental.
#7 The twins' first book - I'm so proud.  They possess abounding creativity, and I love the variety of things they produce, but this is probably my current favorite.
#6 A variety of firsts including: First Fireworks, First VBS, First Trip to the Dentist, and a First for Mommy!  I love how many firsts there still were (and are) to experience!  
#5 Travel - from our massive Road Trip to our first Train Trip.  We had such amazing travel adventures last year!
#4 Our family's Newest Addition - even more special now that we have actually met him!!
#3 Twins Turn 3 (seemed fitting for the number) - all of the events and adventures surrounding the celebration of 3 amazing years.  Including not ONE, but TWO parties, and the worst birthday day yet.
#2 Officially On the List - sure, the wait is looking like it will be (a lot) longer than we expected, or hoped, but just being on the list is monumental.  And maybe...just year we will have an even better adoption post to include in the countdown.  Maybe.
#1 The event that revolutionized our entire lives.  Drumroll please.  Potty training!  Ryan and Allie's potty parties were events that were not only monumental firsts, but also special days filled with time with my children that I will always treasure.  And, as I spent time with family members over Christmas who were still doing the diaper thing with their children, I realized how thankful I am that we are a fully potty trained family!

And since I posted pictures last year, I feel totally pressured into posting them this year.  Here are a few (blurry) outtakes from a photo shoot I did for a present for a certain someone (see if you can guess who, based on the letters).  I think they probably had more fun making this present than any others we did this year!

Have some time to kill while waiting for the ball to drop and interested in taking a longer walk down memory lane?  Here are all of our Top 10 posts thus far: 2011, 2010, 2009.

We have been abundantly blessed by another year full of small moments, milestones, adventures, and people we treasure.  We thank God for each of these, and look forward to 2013.

Happy New Year!!

P.S. Because I want the Christmas posts to stay in December, I am back dating them.  Scroll down to see the newest posts!


Anonymous said...

Wow! This will be fun walking down your memory lane!! Thanks. Also I am very happy that your good deed of donating your hair resulted in the end of your headaches!! I love your hair. It is so cute on you. Happy New Year to you all. May you relish in Gods' many blessings. Love and prayers, Grandma

Anonymous said...

It spells Nana!! Yay I finally got my Nana Picture and I love love love it. It is quiet here now and lonely. We are so busy it seemed like a blur not that it is over. Can't believe Loralee and her family are here and gone. Seems impossible. You wait and wait and it goes by so fast. I just thank the Lord for the good roads, healthy people and good fellowship. Happy New Year to everyone, Love Nana

Anonymous said...

I was the first post but must be doing something wrong. It shows up at first as comment, but then when I come back it's gone which has happened several times lately???? I said that I LOVE your hair and am happy that the headaches are gone. And that it is great to walk down memory lane with you. Blessed New Year to everyone, Love and prayers, Grandma