December 31, 2009

2009's Top 10

A lot of blogs I've been reading have done their favorite post from each month of 2009, or a similar type of recap. But, we had a few missing months because 1) I was on bedrest for the majority of January with no internet access and 2) we had twins and I went MIA from the blog world until we felt like we had things under control here (ha!). But, it was a big year, and I love, Lucas cannot resist any sort of a countdown! So here are our respective Top 10 posts of 2009:

Kim's Top 10:
*for those of you who are not necessarily internet savy (I won't name names...), you click on the underlined title to link to each of the posts :)
#10 Halloween
# 9 Christmas
#8 Hospital Hopping
the one that started the year off and marked the return of the blog!
#7 Welcome to the World Harper!
#6 So much Thankfulness
#5 Ryan Crawls!
#4 Allie crawls!
#3 Loralee's Wedding Part 3
Logan's Wedding Part 4
we couldn't decide which would get higher billing, so we decided it was a tie!
#2 6 months
#1 Then & Now
The first blog after the twins were born!

Lucas' Top 10
#1 So how's Lucas doing?
Lucas only authored 1 blog post this past his Top 10 is only a #1...perhaps his resolution should be to add some input to the blog for 2010?

Thank you for your prayers, support, and love during this past (eventful) year. We are so thankful to have each of you a part of our lives (as I went through all of the posts from the hospital, and remembered how much we FELT the prayers of all of you, I was so grateful, blessed, encouraged, and joyful all over again!). Here's to a very blessed 2010!

Happy New Year!!


Anonymous said...

We are at Loralee's reading your top 10! I think they were all top 10, I'm just so happy for the wonderful 2009 year we had. I don't think we can top this year! God sure blessed us over and over and I thank Him so much!! Happy New Year to Everyone. Nana & Poppy

Anonymous said...

Miss you Allie & Ryan so much. Kim and Lucas we miss you too. xo Nana

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great blogging last year and especially since the twins were born. Keep it up in 2010 please. I sure enjoy reading them. Happy New Year to all of you. love aunt darleen

Anonymous said...

Kim, Just before I came to the computer I was telling Grandpa that I feel like I know Allie and Ryan so well watching them grow up and seeing their personalities develop, as I was telling him that they will be a year old when we see them again--a whole year in between, but thanks to your awesome blogs I don't feel that I missed out--except for the hugs! And Grandpa gives me that sweet caring smile!! Life is good!! Grandma