December 30, 2012

Christmas - Round 2

We were blessed to have not one, but 2 Christmas mornings.  One at home, and the other at Nana and Poppy's (where we traveled after the Family Christmas Party).  The kids woke up so excited for presents!  They started with the stockings.
So excited about M&M's.  A long time favorite.
 I love this picture because of 1) H's pigtails mid-air and 2) her excited expression.
 A happy Nana in the midst of excited confusion.
 Apologies to uncle Grant (whose coffee hadn't quite kicked in yet), but it was the only picture I had of Baby T and his presents.
 H drumming on his brand new set of pots and pans.  I'm sure his parents are thrilled Uncle Luke taught him that trick!
Ryan's favorite present (EVER) was a new Bumble!!!  He was pretty much beside himself.  Then I suggested that he introduce his new Bumble to his old Bumble.  On the way down the hall he kept saying, "I bet they will like each other.  I hope they will be best friends."  But it seemed like he wasn't quite sure...
Meeting each other for the first time.
 They like each other!!
Since meeting, Ryan's New Bumble, Old Bumble, and Baby Bumble (who isn't pictured, but is a miniature version of Old Bumble) have become a family.  New Bumble (the biggest of the 3) is the Daddy, Bumble is the Mommy, and Baby Bumble is (of course) the baby.  Ryan is overjoyed with his Bumble family.  Allie is requesting a Bumble family of her own.

The rest of the time was spent with various fun family moments together.  There was some snowmobiling, some playing with new toys, some moments that were incredibly loud, and others that were incredibly sweet and delightfully quiet.
Nana reading to almost all of the cousins.
 Lucas and I got to enjoy many Aunt and Uncle moments.  I'm pretty sure Lucas' favorite was snuggling with a sleeping D.  Not only did he get to spend a significant amount of time cuddling with his sweet niece, but no one denied him the football he watched while she slept!

 Logan, Mindy, H and D left that evening, while we stuck around for one more night.  Ryan and Allie were desperate to take a bubble bath.  It wasn't long before an already pajama-d H wanted to join them.  They happily obliged and enjoyed some cousin tubby time.
H seemed especially thrilled with the surprise tubby time and his cousin companions.
And then, all too quickly, it was over.  We are home now.  Slightly tired by the whirlwind couple of weeks.  Feeling that it is a little surreal that the time we waited for so long is already over.  All the anticipation now sweet memories.  
Every moment of our Christmas declared by the twins as the "Best Ever."  
We are truly blessed.

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Anonymous said...

It was a fantastic Christmas..Our greatest gift was everyone there. God was so good to provide good roads, safety, and health. Love Nana