December 09, 2012


I'm pretty sure it isn't December without some sort of sickness hitting our house.  As of right now, I am knocking on wood that we have officially had all we are going to have...and knowing that I will feel quite blessed if that is the case.  Allie ran a fever for a little over 24 hours and Ryan had a fever for about a day, but they both seem to be doing better. Phew.

A snapshot of our day laying low.  We pretty much let the kids watch a ton of shows/movies (they were super-sensitive because they weren't feeling well, so whenever they would get up to run around and play someone would be crying within 10 minutes).  We even got the VCR out of storage and scavenged through our VHS collection to find some treasures (3-2-1 Penguins!).  The twins were delighted to discover my Tigger movie (what they are watching below).  Popcorn and a movie by the tree is a great way to spend a December afternoon - even if you aren't sick.
The kids have been really funny the last couple of days.  They are always funny, but the things they have said the last few days have been exceptional.  Every time they say something funny I think, "That was hilarious.  I will never forget that."  By the end of the day, I'm trying to remember the funny things and I can't remember a single one.  I do remember this, they have been quoting lines from Merry Christmas Charlie Brown like crazy.  In fact, Ryan has been walking around all weekend going, "My baby sister!"  Which is Charlie Brown's response to Sally's letter to Santa.  Apparently, it's a bit they do now...

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Anonymous said...

It's always good to sit and watch something and offer popcorn when you aren't feeling well. Good idea and I'm glad it was only a fever. I have a journal I've started just about things the grandkids are saying or doing so I don't forget later on. I hope to keep it up, so they can read it someday. Love to all and health. Nana