October 11, 2012

A Toothy Adventure

The twins finally had their first trip to the dentist!  I say, "finally" because I'm actually a bit behind.  We had a dentist picked 2 years ago.  Some friends told us he was the absolute best dentist (and they have 7 kids, so we felt like they were a reliable recommendation), but he doesn't see kids until they are 3 (at the time they were about 18 months), so I put it in the back of my mind.  Then, this summer, Lucas and I were talking about the dentist and Lucas asked when the twins would start going.  "When they turn 3" I said.  Lucas looked at me funny and responded, "Um...isn't that...now?"  And it was, but we were so busy this summer that I decided to wait until fall, and when I finally called they couldn't get us in before October.

I am one of those odd ducks who actually likes the dentist, and I really wanted the twins to enjoy it as well...or at least not dread it.  We checked out some books from the library to prepare them for a visit, and I really talked it up.  The night before the twins were so excited for a new adventure, and they couldn't stop talking about what their new toothbrushes would look like!

I will start by saying that our friends didn't exaggerate, our first steps into the exam area proved that this was an exceptional office.  They had a play area next to the chair for the kids to use while the parent (me) was getting their teeth cleaned.  The bookshelf was full of books (about going to the dentist), little puzzles, and stuffed animals with full sets of teeth in their mouths - with toothbrushes to brush them!  The twins read, played, and watched while I went first.  Allie was elected to be next.  
When the hygienist polished my teeth, she asked what flavor of "toothpaste" I wanted.  The twins immediately wanted to know their choices.  By the time she was in the chair, Allie was so excited because she had picked the chocolate flavored toothpaste!
 The hygienist counted, cleaned, and polished each tooth.  Then the dentist stopped by to look everything over.  Thumbs up for Allie!  She did great the entire time.  In fact, she wouldn't close her mouth, even when they weren't doing anything!  It was so cute.  There is the dentist asking her questions, and Allie, not answering, with her mouth wide open!  She had a tendency to put her hands up, so the hygienist let her hold the suction tube thing.  She loved it.
 When they were finished they got to pick out a toothbrush, toothpaste, a flosser, and a prize from the prize drawer!  Allie picked a (sugarless) sucker.
Ryan was next.  His hygienist asked if I thought he would do ok.  I responded that Allie did fine, and Ryan was usually the more "chill" of the two, so I thought he would be fine.  He was looking forward to his blueberry toothpaste.
 In case you were wondering what they were looking at, each chair had its own tv!  They got to watch Elmo the entire time.  Ryan never took his eyes off the screen.  And the one who wasn't in the chair could still sit nearby and watch as well.  It was seriously the most brilliant thing I have ever seen in a dentist's office!
Halfway through his counting, cleaning, and polishing, the hygienist looked up at me and said, "Oh my goodness!  You weren't kidding!  He is the most chill kid I have ever seen!"  He seriously didn't move.  He just watched Elmo and let her do her thing.  The dentist checked him out too - thumbs up!  No cavities for the twinners!!
 He also got his choice of toothbrush, toothpaste, flosser, and prize (he picked a motorcycle).  As you can see, Allie was trying to sneak a second pick...
They liked it so much they told me they couldn't wait to go back.  Then daddy went a couple days later, and he had a cavity (sad bear).  He mentioned, in front of the twins, that he had to go back the next week.  They immediately started saying, "We want to go back!  Why can't we go back?  Can we have a cavity?"  Perhaps we helped them like it too much...


Anonymous said...

See what happens when you make it look to good. Try to hit that center point so its ok but not to great. Love it that they did so good and had a great experience. Gigi

Anonymous said...

Sure not like the olden days. Wow..I would like going there maybe. Well, probably not. I'm so happy the twins were cavity free and enjoyed this adventure that most humans dread. I have never known anyone who liked to go to the dentist..now I know 3. :)
They look so big in that chair. Tears! Hugs and Great Job from Nana

Kim said...

Oh, I totally cried when I saw them in the chair. And then I felt ridiculous for crying over a teeth cleaning. But they looked so big!