September 22, 2012

The Adventures of OUR Cow

Our letter of the week was H.  I may or may not end up getting to that.  Our favorite activities this week ended up being centered around cows since we had our moms' group cow trip.  While on our weekly library excursion I decided to grab a cow book to read the day of our trip.  The book I happened to grab is called "Adventures of Cow."  The book is really silly and witty.  It is basically a bunch of photographs of a toy cow with captions that tell a funny story.  The twins thought it was hilarious, and as we were reading they mentioned that the cow in the book looked a lot like OUR toy cow.  Suddenly, and idea was born.  I decided to take pictures of our toy cow, let the twins write captions, and we would make our own book.  We took chunks of each day the rest of the week deciding where we would take pictures of our cow.  I picked out the best of the pictures and put them in order in a word document.  Then we scrolled through and the twins added captions.  The captions do not necessarily create a cohesive story, but they're 3, so I'm pleased with the outcome!

And now, the world debut of Ryan and Allie's first book 
The Adventures of OUR Cow
(special edition with editor's notes and deleted pictures)
This is Cow.
Cow visits the piggy (and turtle) banks.
Don't get squashed!
Hello, Cow!  Hello, Bumble!
Hello, elephants!  How are you?
(editor's note: Allie's answer was consistently, "Bad.")
It's Baby Cow!
Cow is looking for his family.
Cow goes for a walk.
Now he's riding.  Don't fall off, Cow!
Cow stops to play on the monkey bars.
Cow meets Allie and Ryan.
Cow is on the tunnel slide.
Ryan pushes him down the slide.
(editor's note: Ryan wanted to add, "...and laughs and laughs," but I thought it made him sound mean, and he wasn't being mean when he laughed, so I left it out.)
Cow is on the swing.
Allie pushes him high.
Allie and Ryan push him on the merry-go-round.
Allie and Ryan cover him with sand.
He puts his feet in the water.  It is cold!
(editor's note: They actually said something along the lines of, "It is cold on his (insert gibberish and something that sounds like "feety, eety, feet," here)."  I asked a dozen times what they were saying, but could never make it out...)
He rides home with Allie and Ryan in their wagon.  Careful!  Don't fall!
He reads a book about dreaming.
He plays the piano
He likes living with Allie and Ryan.

Isn't it brilliant?!  I was a little disappointed because the finished book was without 2 of my favorite pictures:

The first picture I actually put in the document, but must have accidentally deleted at some point (you know, highlighted it accidentally, hit a button, it disappeared and I didn't notice).  The second was in the folder with our cow trip pictures while all the rest were in a folder of preschool pictures, so I forgot.  I might try to sneak them in later.  It isn't like it will throw the story off.

I also think I might create a front and back cover and get it printed up and spiral bound.  I mean, how cool would it be for the twins to have a book they wrote on their bookshelf?!  I already took their author photos in preparation :)

Update: After Sarah's brilliant comment, I put their book together in snapfish.  I love how it turned out!  I think you have to login (or register) to the site, but here it is for anyone interested in a peek!


Sarah said...

I think the book is brilliant! snapfish and other sites like that always have HUGE coupon codes for buy one get one free or really big discounts so you could even get the book hard bound for the kids. It would last a lot longer, ideally long enough for their kids to see it!

Anonymous said...

How cool! I am sure they really enjoyed this adventure with you. Gigi

ldmiller said...

Brilliant! I actually have a 50% off coupon from snapfish...

Anonymous said...

Wow Nana is impressed. It was an awesome story. The pictures were super cool and the cow always looks like he is having a great time. Good Job everyone!!! Now off to Snapfish.
Huggies from Nana

Lauren and Jeff said...

Mad props to the photographer (who was not credited in the book but deserves some credit for the awesome photos of Cow)! Such a great little project!

Anonymous said...

Fun, fun! Great job Allie and Ryan! Also great job for the photographer!! That little cow has led a super fantastic life! And who know what's yet to come! Hugs and prayers, Grandma