April 09, 2012

Easter Outfits

I have plenty of pictures and stories about our packed Easter weekend and all of our adventures, but - I'm not gonna lie - I really love these pictures and their outfits. So I'm doing an entire post. Just for them.

Why do I love the outfits so much? I made them. Not her cardigan or his shirt, but I made her dress and her teggings, his hat, tie, and pants. It was amazing. I have never really trusted my sewing ability. But I decided to jump in and try. The outfits were made from things I had on hand (her dress was made out of a shirt I loved but didn't love how it looked on me, his pants and hat were made out of a pair of pants that didn't fit, and his tie was made out of another old shirt of mine, I used an old pair of tights and various odds and ends that I had on hand). I spent a total of $9 on the cardigan and the shirt. I am amazed at the results, and how much I love them. I'm basically a kindergartner showing you their first fingerpainting. I'm just so excited about what I made! Granted, there are a lot of mistakes...but that's why I'm not showing any close ups :)
I couldn't get Allie to look up, and this is what Ryan does now whenever we say, "Smile!"
I think perhaps one too many people posted about the Newsies musical...because I definitely was feeling that sort of inspiration when making Buddy's outfit. My one sadness was that I couldn't find suspenders for him. Suspenders would have really made the outfit.
Hugs :)
Kisses (they missed...)
Wave to the grandparents!
I love the picture below the most because it looks like they are in a musical. He looks like he is singing and snapping his fingers while she does some great choreographed dance. I can almost hear him singing "Seize the Day!"
I didn't get a single picture of Allie looking at the camera with her eyes open. But there are still so many that I love. I'm thinking I might have to edit them to look a little "old-timey" and hang them on my wall. I might also have to put them in their Easter outfits and get video of them saying things like, "Extra, extra! Read all about it!" or singing a Shirley Temple song...


Anonymous said...

Love it and they are adorable. I can see the show and it so does seem like that. Love the picture of them when it look like he was singing and her dancing. You did a great job and I am so very proud of you. with love, Gigi

Anonymous said...

I'm very sad I didn't try harder to find the suspenders for him...it would have been just that more adorable. I love how you spent so much time and effort to get the perfect Easter outfits. It bothers me how fast it goes by. It just seems to be like a blur sometimes which makes me very sad. Had a great time with everyone. Hugs from Nana

Sarah said...

So cute. You did an amazing job. I want to learn how to sew. I know you tend to recycle in your sewing projects, but have you seen this website: http://www.spoonflower.com/shop it's amazing! You can make your own fabric or you can search for fun fabric patterns, I'm currently in love with the elephant and umbrella. It's super expensive, but for the unique factor, it's pretty amazing.

Kim said...

I have seen spoonflower! I definitely want to buy from there someday. I love their stuff :)