August 29, 2006

A Big Surprise

Wednesday was a really rough day. It was the first day without my friends (Josh, Kim, & Laura Jane). I had a busy day at work and was prepared to come home to another depressing night with no neighbors to visit. But my husband, who is pretty much the best husband in the world, had other plans. He surprised me by bringing my Stina (Christina Martinez, my college roommate) to visit. When I saw her standing there I was so surprised that I actually was convinced it couldn't possibly be her and was trying to figure out who I knew that looked so much like my friend. But it was her and I got 5 wonderful days to hang out, catch up, and do the touristy thing (which, not being from New England, is pretty exciting for us). The highlight was when we went on the Whale Watch. It was a cold, cloudy, windy, rainy day, but Christina and I enjoyed being on the water so much that we outlasted all of the little kids out on the front deck of the boat (an amazing feat - they were pretty determined!). We saw a lot of whales (they told us it was an exceptional trip) and they did a lot of breaching (jumping out of the water) and fin and tail slapping - and all of it really close to the boat! It was very exciting (although we were soaking wet and very cold when it was over). We also went into Boston and saw "Threadbare Productions presents the Compleat works of Shkspr the abridged version" in Boston Commons. It was basically 4 college students doing a farcical rendition of Shakespeare's plays and they managed to mention each one (and threw in a few sonnets). It was quite funny, and as an English major I thouroughly enjoyed it. Another highlight was when Christina took us to meet her friends who manage a local Chick-Fil-A and we got free food! Other than that I enjoyed girl time with my friend, watching a LOT of episodes of Friends, and reminiscing about the good old days in the Dale. It was a wonderful surprise. If any of you wives would like to submit arguments about your husband being the best in the world, feel free. But, keep in mind that mine flew in my friend.

August 22, 2006

Moving Days

Three of our closest friends moved away today, Josh, Kim and little Laura Jane. All the way to Nashville. I find that the actual "moving" part of the move helps prepare for the imminent separation, but it also helps to delay it because you are so busy "moving" and checking off lists you forget that the actual leaving is about to occur. We have been blessed by their friendship this year in so many ways. We are excited for them as they begin a new adventure in their life (even though they don't yet know where it is taking them). Today, I have been comforted by the words of Jesus from John 14:1 , "Do not let your heart be troubled; believe in God and believe in Me." I love the fact that this simple little three word sentence (believe in God or believe in Me) can be understood on so many levels. Obviously this means much more than simply believe in the facts about God, but, more to the point, believe in God. And I find that it is a little like a Mad-lib of sorts where we are called to fill in the blank at the end of the statement: "believe in me" ___________. "Believe in God" that... he desires you, that... he will take care of you, that... he has your best in mind, that... he has given you his peace. And more and more can be said. So we take this verse today as a comfort as we believe in God that he will take care of our friends and he will take care of us because he has already cared so much to take us and have us through the giving of his Son.

August 18, 2006

30 Faces for 30 Years

Saturday, August 19 2006 Anthony L. Becket will turn 30! I invite all who know him to leave a comment for him at the end of this post or to go to his blog,, and leave him a happy birthday message. Also, I invite you to select your favorite picture by indicating its number and leave a witty caption in the comments section. Happy Birthday Tony!






























And one to grow on... #31

August 15, 2006

A New Look

Once upon a time, I was a girl who was very brave with her hair. I had the most amazing girl that I went to who would say things like, "I was watching Leno last night and saw this haircut that I thought would look perfect on you, do you trust me?" and I would say, "Yes!" and I would leave with the most amazing new style, length, or color that I never would have thought of. And life was good. Then I got married and moved to Michigan, and the amazing hair girl had another baby and stopped cutting hair, and I had to find someone new. That is when I got the worst hair cut I have ever experienced. It was basically a mullet. And I cried for hours. And almost 2 years later the only time I had my hair cut was when I let my cousin trim it about a year ago (she is a professional, and she didn't take much off). But, thanks to the generous birthday gift from Lucas' sister, Loralee, I finally faced my fears and tonight I got my hair cut by someone completely new, at a salon. Before I went in I was so nervous I was almost sick to my stomach (girls will probably understand this feeling more than guys), but I got in and heard her talking to the girl who's hair she was about to cut and she said, "This is what I'm thinking for your hair, do you trust me?" and the girl said, "yes," and when she was finished her hair looked amazing. And I wasn't nervous anymore. And she put me in the chair and played with my hair a little and I told her the minimum and maximum length, and then I basically let her have free reign, and I love it. It is the haircut I hoped for, but had no clue how to describe. I am so happy! I know you can't tell without a before and after picture, but she took of 6-7 inches! Now that I've found someone I can trust with my hair I'll live happily ever after...until we move.

August 08, 2006

Heckled and Humbled

Today is the 1 year anniversary of the day I (Kim) started my job. Although the rose colored glasses I wore when I began were smashed a long time ago, I have to say that I really truly love my job. And, despite it's difficulties, it's been a really good year. Although, recently I experienced something that left me a little wounded and very humbled. One of the perks of my job is that, in general, my residents adore me. They all think I'm an beautiful, sweet, helpful little girl. I'm often complimented on my clothes and my teeth (in a society where most people have dentures, teeth are highly valued). I've grown accustomed to this type of treatment, which was why I was completely crushed last week in one of my activities. I was just beginning my current events group when one of our new residents wandered in. I was thrilled to have her join us, but my jubilation quickly died. I was one sentence into the first article when she held her hand up to stop me and cried out with a grimace, "Oh, your voice is so high and nasally! I can't stand it! You have to do something!" I wasn't sure how to respond since I always talk as low and loud as possible (it's easier for those who are hard of hearing to pick up low sounds so I've trained myself to talk as low as I can). I explained to her that this was my voice and there wasn't anything I could do. She responded by saying, "Oh, but it's awful! I can't stand to listen to it. You have to do something." I was mortified. I told her the only thing I could think of, which was, "I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do. If you can't stand to listen to my voice, maybe you should leave the room." She didn't want to leave and sat back in her chair, but the activity was definitively ruined. All of the other residents weren't quite sure how to handle the exchange, and it was obvious they felt a little awkward. I was suddenly very self-conscious about my voice which only worsened during the activity as she felt a need to criticize something about every article I read ("You need to check your sources. I don't believe that's true." or "The article doesn't tell you anything more? I find that hard to believe. You should know these things." or "This is ridiculous. You're wasting their time telling them this.") It was one of the longest half hours I have ever endured. Fortunately, I have recovered...for the most part. I still am extremely aware of my voice whenever I talk, and I have slight panic attacks whenever I see this woman coming down the hall, but I appreciate it even more when I hear one resident whisper to another, "isn't she such a nice girl? And she has beautiful teeth!"

August 03, 2006

Staying Cool

Dad, thanks for the comment with the blog to my high school class reunion page. Can't believe its been almost 10 years. Well at least I'm not turning 30 like someone I know who will be doing that this month! I was president of my class but have dropped the ball as far as reunion stuff goes. Its a good thing that responsible girls from my class are around. Nothing much to report on around here. With our down time we have been trying to be more social by having people over and playing games and having BBQ's. Please be praying for us as we are beginning to search out where God would have Kim and I after graduation next May. So many opportunities out there, but we trust that God will provide for us. Got an A on my Mark paper and was very excited about the nice comments left by my professor. We are finally out of the heat as it has been in the 90's and 100's of late. I will try to entice Kim into posting on here as her stories are better than mine. That's all for now.