April 10, 2012

The Reunion

I have these wonderful friends. We met in college. Freshman year we were all in the same dorm. Before the end of college we had almost all lived together in some combination. They are my Hillsdale family. But somehow, over the years, contact slowed down. We got in touch about the really big things in our lives (expecting twins, a parent with cancer, nieces and nephews born - the life changing things), we knew we would all be there for each other at a moments notice if needed, but the day-to-day relationship fell by the wayside. In fact, we hadn't all been together Rebecca's wedding - 5 years ago. Sad.

But then our friend Michelle announced that she was engaged. She lives 20 minutes from me and mentioned that she was planning on inviting our group of 4. Soon I heard that Christina was coming...and then Lauren...and then Rebecca! And they were all staying with me!!! I was certainly happy for Michelle, but more happy for me. I was going to see my friends again!
We used the airport trip as an opportunity to go to Ikea...where my friends taught my children to play Angry Birds.
Like the community bathroom at Olds...only smaller :)
On Saturday, they joined us at the community Easter Egg Hunt.
with Auntie Lauren
All 4 of us (if you haven't figured it out yet, you will see a lot of pictures like this...)
Stealing...er...helping the kids get their candy out of the eggs.
Saturday afternoon, we went to the wedding. It was beautiful. It was also about a block from our old campus. So, we took a stroll down memory lane and toured the campus (a LOT has changed).
Trying to get a picture making fish faces in the room dubbed the "fishbowl" - one of the places that haven't changed since we were there.
We visited our old dorm. Where we met. Somewhere I have a picture of us all on this couch 10 years ago...with dear Metta in the background!
We checked out all of the new buildings - including the new student center and cafeteria. It's so much nicer than when we were there, but one thing hasn't changed - Saga Steve! He was one of our favorite people and we were so excited to see him there!
Next was the reception where we spent the entire evening hanging out with good friends. One dear friend commented that it seemed so natural to all be there together. It was as if no time had passed. There were husbands and children that were a clear reminder that time has indeed passed. But we talked and laughed as if the years/months (Lucas and I had seen many of the friends at the wedding at homecoming), were days or hours.
Even Lucas was reunited with some college friends!
The bigger group with the bride.
The bride and groom.
Sunday morning they all came to church with us and heard my husband preach for the first time! I would like to say that I loved sitting next to these friends through the service...but I didn't. I mean I didn't get to sit with them. I was outside hiding 400 plastic eggs for our Easter Egg Hunt (more details in another post). They did help keep an eye on my children, and that was wonderful.
Becca and her husband, Kevin, watching the egg hunt. It was COLD.
Lauren was the first to leave on Sunday. But we didn't send her off without a trip to the local ice cream place!
We also managed to get a few games in with these wonderful friends. Bananagrams, Friends Scene-it Trivia (Christina always was the Friends Trivia Master and she finally got to officially prove it!), and Quelf (one of the only times we have played where the other players actually enjoyed the game!)
Kevin drinking water upside-down as part of a challenge in Quelf.
Sadly, everyone is gone. The weekend together was so wonderful. It was great to reconnect and catch up, and I think we all left the weekend with a renewed commitment to do a better job of keeping in touch and make seeing each other a bigger priority. Friends like this aren't a dime a dozen, they are a treasure to be cherished. I'm so blessed that 10 years ago I shared a dorm with these wonderful girls.
In front of the dorm where it all began...


Anonymous said...

wow, good to see all of you together again. my last time was your wedding. I am so Glad you were able to get together and especially that you had them at your home. that way you had more quality time with them. Love you, mom and Gigi

Maggen said...

YOU. ARE. ALL. SO. BEAUTIFUL. I am sorry I missed you. I was in California.... but... LOVE TO YOU ALL! Congrats Michelle!

(and Becca and Stina.... just tell me when I can plan a trip down to see you!)

Sarah said...

Thanks for the tip on the games, always looking for games to play with my nephews. We tried the Game of Things last Thanksgiving and didn't understand the directions and it totally bombed. I'm hoping that Quelf redeems me (and yes, I know this was only a minor point in your post).