July 27, 2012

He Has a Name!

I realize that the title of a new niece/nephew post is usually "He/She's Here!" but you already knew from the last post that he was here, and what we have been waiting for this time was the name.  It took some time for the parents to decide (it is the name he will have the rest of his life, after all).  During the time that we were waiting and waiting and waiting (it was less than 24 hours, it just felt like forever!), I couldn't help but think about how his name would be a surprise to us, but God already knew!  Before we even knew this little boy existed, God knew his name and was creating him to be this perfect little guy.
 I love being reminded how much God really knows us.  God knew his face before he was born, God knew his name before his parents, and God knows his unique talents and personality traits that will take us years to discover.  Cool.
 Isn't he handsome?  I know he has more pictures than any other new cousins' first post but it is because 1) I didn't know I could steal photos from facebook with the first and 2) the other cousins we got to see shortly after they were born, so I didn't go crazy collecting pictures because I got to hold them...this little guy we won't meet until Christmas, so I'm hoarding every picture I get!
With his quilt made by Aunt Mindy!
They've already had their first night home, and everyone seems to be doing well.  I just love pictures of  mamas with their snuggly new babies.
I love the twins' response to the new cousin.  For their first cousin, they were babies, so they never really knew life without her.  For D, they were still pretty young so it was like, "Oh, a baby.  I'd rather play."  For H they got the concept of a new baby being cool, and were into the novelty of him.  For this little guy it was all about how he suddenly came to be here.  They were very aware that he was in Lala's tummy (last we saw her), but confused about what happened after that.  They kept saying, "He was in Lala's tummy, right? And now he's not?" and I thought it was just a cute observation.  Then we went to the store, and they started telling everyone about their new baby cousin who is, "in OUR tummies now."  So, I had to explain that once we are born we don't go back into anyone else's tummy before they were convinced they had something growing in there...

We made the traditional "Welcome to the World" banner.  The twins had fun adding their own special touch :)

 Dear Baby T, we are so happy to have you as part of our family and we can't wait to meet you!
Welcome to the World!
We love you!!


Anonymous said...

Aunt Lala and Nana are looking at the pictures and the blog. How special and cool is everything. It is sad you won't be able to hold him or see him for 4 mo or so. BUT it will be really exciting when it finally happens. The sign is so special and cool. LUV IT!! Hugs and Kisses from Aunt Lala & Nana :)

Kim said...

And don't forget about "cousin week." For a week after a new cousin is born we don't post anything so they get all the attention :) Not that I've been posting regularly lately anyways, but at least you know before you check that there will be nothing new this week!

Anonymous said...

I quess I can wait since I will get to see them soon. what an interesting observation on their part about the tummy. Love to hear their thoughts about things. How sweet. Congratulations on the new baby T to the family. what a very special blessing. Gigi

Lauren and Jeff said...

Morgan was very excited about the newest arrival as well! Hooray for another baby to love!

I know how you feel Kim about not being able to hold him for awhile. We couldn't hold Gabriel for the longest time, but I feel like it just made it that more special and awesome when we finally had the chance!