May 31, 2005

Grillin' up some Pork

What a great Memorial Day Weekend! The weatherman was very good to us. Snuck out of the house on Friday night to see Star Wars Episode III and got in the groove on Saturday by watching Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back as I packed. From there, we took the rest of the weekend off. Sunday we spent at church, at Addison HS graduation ceremony (two kids from our youth group graduated, and then we had youth group Sunday night. Kim and I decided that since we had a bunch of stuff that we did not want to throw away nor did we want to take with us, we would hold an auction with the youth group by giving them all $1000 of Monopoly money to bid on the merchandise. The kids loved it, and I'm sure there parents loved all the new stuff that will help fill up their houses! Monday, we spent cleaning the apartment from the packing mess, getting ready for some old friends to stop by. Joel and Allie were in town, so we got Billy& Megan and JD and Joel's mom to come on over as well. We missed our friend Tony and took a group picture in front of the grill, which was to represent Tony (and yes it was a gas grill, but not sure what the implications of that are). We had a couple of excellent games of croquet and I grilled up potatoes and porkchops on the grill. We couldn't have asked for a better weekend Posted by Hello

May 26, 2005

Apartment of Boxes

Boxes, boxes, and more boxes. Mountains of boxes. Kim and I are steadily packing it all up... actually she has done most of the packing while I have been at work. This memorial weekend I plan on packing up all the stuff in our garage and, if any of you know what our garage looks like, it will be time consuming. We are leaving on Saturday, June 11 and will arrive at our new place on our first anniversary, June 12. One of the things I will enjoy most about our move to Mass is that we will open up a number of wedding gifts that we have had in storage in anticipation of our move. Kim loves to pack, and we both love the challenge of figuring out the puzzle of how to put all of our stuff into the moving van! Luckily for us, her family will be here to help us out, and since they have moved numerous times, her dad should have excellent and advice and her Nebraskan corn-fed brothers will definitely be a help carrying all the big stuff and the boxes and boxes of books.

American Idol IV

Kim and I were excited to see Carrie win last night. We actually would've been happy with her or with Bo. But, deep down I was pulling for Carrie. This ends our Tuesday TV nights. We'll miss having friends over to watch American Idol and the Amzing Race. A great night of American Reality TV! Posted by Hello

May 23, 2005

Let's Get It Started

Welcome to the blogsite for my wife, Kim, and myself. It was her idea for us to do this so as to make it easier for our family and friends to stay up-to-date on our comings and goings. This blog was created on the cusp of our move to Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in South Hamilton, MA. It is our hope that this blog site will continue for years and be a valuable communication tool to continue and strengthen relationships. May God add his blessing to this blog!