December 31, 2011

Top 10 of 2011

For the 3rd year in a row, one of our favorite annual traditions is our Top 10 blogs of the past year. It combines my love of reminiscing with Lucas' love of Top 10 lists :) 2011 did not fail to disappoint with plenty of Top 10 options...and so, as is our annual tradition, we will actually showcase more than 10 by doubling up. At least we are consistent. Click on the highlighted words to take you to the posts and on a walk down Miller Memory Lane.

10. Nebraska joins the Big 10...and our family stays intact...until next year...
9. 'Til We Meet Again - Not every big event of the year can be happy, but we hold onto the joy in sadness. For all those we have loved and lost this past year and before. Praise God we will meet again!
8. Our new park! Since the twins are still doing things like pretending to build a park like Papa or saying things while they swing like, "Mommy, remember when Papa and Poppy and Daddy built our new park?" I would say this was a big event!
7. Lucas' ordination - it isn't every day one of us makes it into the Top 10, but this was once-in-a-lifetime big.
6. Our Summer Trip - Long Island (5 years in a row with these friends!!) and Boston (we couldn't feature all the posts from this trip, although we loved them all. But the title of the one we picked says it all).
5. BIG family additions! Our Nephew and shortly after a new Sister! YAY!!
4. A Leap of Faith - Officially telling bloggy world about our call to adoption. There have been follow ups. Latest news is that we hope to start the home study process in January (earlier would be better...we'll keep you posted).
3. In a year FILLED with twinner milestones, we couldn't decide which should be included. We went with Big Kid Beds (mommy still sheds an occasional tear) and their First Christmas Program (wayward puppy and all)!
2. A Hospital Visit more traumatic for Mommy & Daddy than anyone else!
1. Let's face it, a Snapshot in Time of our children and another Birthday under our belts are always going to rank #1 with Mommy and Daddy!

But wait! There's more! I normally don't include pictures, but I had some Christmas pictures that I wasn't sure could make it into the already gigantic Christmas post (that, quite frankly, I'm not sure I'll ever get done). So here are a few pictures (which is a new addition to the Annual Top 10)
If it weren't for the sunspot, this was the best shot of the 2 of them.
I tried to use our homemade wrapping paper as a backdrop. They preferred curtains for a grand entrance (or peek-a-boo)!

I seriously can't get enough of these bright baby blues!

But wait! There's more! One last post that was too cute to exclude (ok, so really, you're lucky I didn't just include links to all 100 from this past year...)!

Happy 2012 to everyone! May it be a year filled with blessings!!


Anonymous said...

All the memories are great..thanks for the post and pictures. Nana

Anonymous said...

You take the most beautiful pictures, Kim, but maybe some has to do with the fact that you have the most beautful kids!! Grandpa is almost done with the accounting things that he wants 'locked up' so that we can use his laptop for skyping. He seems excited, too!! He needs his mentor to do something first. Anyway--soon, I hope! Love Grandma

Anonymous said...

wow how a year has gone so fast and these two have grown and changed so much.I have to say they light up my heart and bring smiles to my face to think about them and especially be asked about them. I have never been so Happy except with my own little ones but these two bring instant smile and a lighter heart to any cloudy day. Love you all, Gigi