January 24, 2007

Associate Pastor

I am an official candidate for an associate pastor position at my current church and will be officially voted on at the all-church annual meeting, Feb 7. Based on the positive support which followed the official announcement at last Sunday's service, it appears very likely that I will be voted in. The primary focus of the position is in two areas: discipleship and visitation/fellowship. I will also be involved with outreach as well and for the time being working with the Jr High Youth Group in an interim basis until a long-term worker is found (Our current youth leader just informed us of his departure, so the church is figuring out a transitional phase so as not to lose too much momentum in the Sr & Jr High groups). So, Kim and I are preparing for a future here in Massachusetts. I am flying back to MI next week to pick-up my Aunt and Uncle's car that they graciously sold to us. Once I return, then Kim and I need to go the DMV and become official citizens of the commonwealth [This last sentence was set to the "Darth Vader" music from Star Wars.] I will begin full time next month, but we will continue to live here until I finish my last semester here. I have three courses, but I am pass/failing two of them so as to lighten the load. But I believe it will be extremely doable. Kim will continue to work at her job here as well. Kim and I ask you to be praying for us during this time as we enter into a new stage of our lives together. If you want to visit Westgate's website, the link is on the left-hand side under "Favorite Sites."

January 17, 2007

21st Century Parents

That would be my parents and that would be about them having their own blog site: http://www.upnorthmillers.blogspot.com/ They have a very nice post on our trip home for Christmas, including a bit on the mysterious creature we saw on the side of the road. Was it a lioness? (It seriously looked like a lioness That was my first thought and that of my mother as well.) A moose? A female elk? Some sort of hideous half-breed experiment gone wrong? We shall never know. Indycousins, I keep trying to get Kim on here to tell about the party, but my parents post may be all you get unfortunately. But here are a couple of pics from the party.

January 11, 2007

Springing in January!

January 6, 2007. South Hamilton, MA. My friends Mike (pictured) and Bill (not pictured) and myself are throwing the football and Frisbee on our campus in T-shirts and shorts. Jan 6!!! It felt like the first day of Spring because so many people were out and about jogging, playing with kids, babies in carriages, kids on bikes, etc. It actually hit 70 degrees, so it's not like we put on shorts to be cool b/c it is Jan. It literally was too warm to wear jeans. The avg temp for Jan 7 here is 33 degrees so we were 37 degrees above avg, which as you might guess was a record. The cold has set in now and I am sad. But what a day it was on Saturday!
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