January 04, 2011

Top 10 of 2010!

Those who have followed the blog for a long time (read: at least a year) may remember that, being fans of Top 10 Lists, we like start the New Year with our list of Top 10 posts from the last (or wait a week...and then post them!).

This was hard. REALLY hard. As I started looking back through the year I realized this was a BIG year for us! A big move, the twins turning 1, first trip by plane, and LOTS of visits with family & friends we love so much. I wanted to include SO many of the old posts because they show my babies as...well...babies, and so many of the posts with our family & friends because you are the ones who actually read the blog and I wanted you in the Top 10 so you would know how important you are to us. But I just couldn't fit all of them in. Some Top10s are because of pictures I love, some are big moments, some are just because something about that post struck me just right :) So here they are (more than 10, but I make the list so I can do what I want to squeeze more in!):

note: click on the highlighted, underlined titles to go to that post.

10. Triathlon (my personal triumph)
9. Jordan's (I love these videos...even if they are sideways!)
8. Our Day Without Daddy
7. There is No Place Like Nebraska Part 1 (I'm a sucker for pictures of multiple multiples...)
6. Naptime at the Zoo and If at First You Don't Succeed
5. First Day & First Snow (one of my favorite pictures ever!)
4. Moving Day (Pictures of the beloved apartment that was our babies first home, and of some of the people we love in MA)
3. The Wedding - This one is so special to me 1) because it has a multiple multiples picture! 2) My grandpa - seen in this post - was recently diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. This post shows a small (even though it looks large) portion of his legacy. I'm so grateful to have had 27 wonderful years with my Grandpa Garber, and I will forever treasure the pictures in this post.
2. She's Here! (Our newest addition)
1. Allie & Ryan Turn 1! and Under the Sea


Anonymous said...

Count me in as one of your faithful blog readers (bookmarked on my computer and everything!!). Thanks for sharing throughout the year :) -Julie

Anonymous said...

Count me in, too, Kim!! It's the only thing that keeps me from being cut off from those two cuties and watching them grow. I would be in a depression without the blog!!! It's so fun to look over the past year, isn't it? I often 'blog to Jesus' in a journal and it is always a delight to read all the things I thank Him for and thoughts shared with Him. Love, Grandma

Anonymous said...

Of course Gigi is faithful I just want to hug them too. Thanks so much for the blog.

Anonymous said...

I'm beyond faithful...I'm obsessed and can really get down if I don't see new pictures or stories of the twins. I don't know how you find time to do it but a big THANK YOU for all the latest happenings and old memories. Bless you Kim. NANA

Lauren and Jeff said...

It's amazing to think a year ago you guys lived 4 times as far away as you do now! I can't believe we've had the opportunity to see each other three times in the past year - and there weren't even any weddings. ;)