January 04, 2012

Snapshot in Time

While we were going through all the posts of last year, we discovered that our favorites were the snapshots where I included current favorites and funny things. More than any other posts it made us stop and go, "Oh, yeah! I remember that!" So I decided to do another. Especially because it allows me to use some of the "snapshots" I take to practice and play with my camera. I got a photography e-book for Christmas...so I might have a lot of these photos :)

Favorite Book:
Ryan: You have 3 Cars books. You are pretty
much obsessed with all things Cars, so these are your favorites. You take them to bed every night, and if we come in before you're asleep we always find you with your flashlight poring over every picture. You've had them over a month and never get tired of them!
Allie: You prefer to choose a different book every night, but your frequent favorite is a Trucks book. You really love trucks.
Both: Too Pickley, Too Purpley, and the Llama Llama books. You just got them for Christmas and we have to read them every day!

Favorite Phrases:
"That'd be good." - You say this when I suggest something you would like to do or when you are suggesting something to me. "We should play downstairs, Mommy. That'd be good."
"Awwwww!" - Apparently I have done this a lot. He says this when he sees (in pictures or real life) babies, animals, and his sister after naptime!
"It hurts Allie's feelings." - I was trying to explain how mean actions (taking toys, hitting, fighting, etc.) hurt other's feelings. Since we want to show others, especially each other, Jesus' love, we shouldn't do things that are hurtful. It took Allie about 2 days to start using this to her advantage. Now anything we do that she doesn't like (such
as tell her that she can't watch any more tv) "hurts her feelings."

"Its my favorite!" - You love superlatives. It might be a toy, a book, a song, or a really
bad idea (lining the cushions and pillows on the floor and then jumping off the furniture onto them). You have a lot of favorites!
"I do it myself!" - It shouldn't be a surprise. Isn't that what the end of the Two's and the beginning of the Three's are all about? You love doing things on your own and asserting your independence. Each day you get a better sense of your expanding coordination, motor control, and strength, and you love trying out new things. I just have to remember to keep encouraging you when you have difficulty and yell, "You do it, Mommy! Too hard!" Stay calm. Keep trying. You can do anything if you just keep trying. Those are some of my most popular phrases right now!

You are full of energy and imagination. My favorite thing is how we can go outside and the fort with the slide becomes a pirate ship, a school bus, or a tow truck. Your beds frequently turn into airplanes, boats, or hot air balloons. You can't get out of the bathtub because you are swimming to Nebraska (which would truly be a feat since it is landlocked!), and you can't leave the playroom because you are too busy having an adventure. Your play times have become so much fun!


Lauren and Jeff said...

That eBook is well worth the money and effort! Those are great photos of the kids to go along with the "snapshots" of them right now.

Anonymous said...

You are a great photographer. Can't wait to see more :) NANA

Kim said...

I hope someday I will be a great photographer. Right now it takes too many practice shots to get the really good ones (for example, the shoot where I got these pictures had roughly 200 that were unusable). But I hope to be a great photographer. I think this might be one of my favorite gifts ever :) I'm having so much fun practicing!

Melanie said...

Cute pictures! Great job on them! I love watching your kids grow up. Thanks for the updates.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so happy that they are swimming to Nebraska!!! The weather is unusually beautiful for January! I think you would be a super great photographer of kids, Kim!! You bring out their own beauty!!

Anonymous said...

Of course the above is Grandma who forgot to sign off!