June 27, 2006

Past Week

Kim and I had a great time with her parents when they visited last week. We spent an afternoon at the New England Aquarium and saw "Deep Sea in 3-D" at the IMAX theater. Another afternoon we poked around downtown Portsmouth, NH visiting several little giftshops before purchasing a bunch of chocolate from an old German-Irish woman with attitude. Kim and I felt like royalty as her parents took us out to eat a lot, which was fun, but we are paying the price for it this week in the gym. The bad news was that the first afternoon her parents were here we got into an accident. I was rear-ended which caused me to hit the car in front of me. The car is currently in the shop and since MA does not have a no-fault law, the insurance company of the guy who rear-ended me will be paying for everything. Our friends in the building have graciously loaned us their car until ours is back, hopefully at the end of this week. I am currently deep into my intensive 2 week study on Mark and am working on an exegesis paper on the passage where Jesus overturns the tables and chairs in the temple because of the moneychangers and dove sellers who are gouging the poor. Should be very interesting to write on. I am flying to MI this weekend to be an usher in my high school friend's (Eric Clancy)wedding. I am very much looking forward to the celebration. Goodbye for now.

June 16, 2006

Fishing Trip

As you can tell, I had a great time on our fishing trip (the one I mentioned two posts ago). I caught the biggest fish of the day, a 42", 27 lb striper (striped bass). Josh told me that this fish alone will easily provide eight servings. We are going to grill it on Monday while Kim's parents are here. Everybody on the trip caught one striper. The boys can fight. It took me about ten minutes to reel mine in and my arms are feeling it today. But, what a great experience and a fun time we had yesterday. We were out there from 6:30 am until 2 pm. I believe that Josh and I did a much better job than our fishing adventure last year when our wives outfished us with Huck Finn poles (http://mindyourmillers.blogspot.com/2005/08/fish-story.html) Here are some other pictures of the trip below.

June 13, 2006

2 Anniversaries

Yesterday Kim and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary and our first anniversary of our move here to MA. We went out to eat at the Beverly Depot, which is a converted train station. What is really neat about the place is that the commuter train stain has a stop right at the depot. So we were watching the trains come in and out as we ate. I had the Beff Wellington and it was terrific. Kim went with the Chicken Florentine, which she enjoyed last night and hopefully today at lunch as well. Everything is kinda quiet right now. I am trying to get ahead on my reading for my two week Mark course that begins on Monday. All for now.

June 10, 2006

Lazy Bums

I know we have greatly slacked off as far as our Blog is concerned. No real excuse either. I have been busy finishing up my Systematic Theology II course this month. Just finished an interesting paper critiquing C.S. Lewis' view of God and Time in Mere Christianity. Lots of rain this past month. Many records set apparently. We have been disciplining ourselves over the past 3 weeks by waking up at 6 am and going to the gym to work out every weekday morning. This gives us enough time to read a couple passages and pray together after breakfast. This has been very good for us. We are excited that we have lasted for 3 weeks. Kim has been feeling better because of the exercise, I think, as far as her joints as concerned, which were bothering her for a long time. We hosted a Memorial day picnic for our apartment building and eight couples showed up. We played Monster Volleyball, which is volleyball with an oversize ball. We have more free time on our hands, now that "24" and American Idol are over. By the way, I was rooting for Taylor Hicks since his audition. That makes me 3 for 4 over the past 4 American Idols in picking the winner from the auditions; I picked Reuben, Carrie and Taylor. Did not pick Fantasia, never liked her voice- too whinny. Kim's parents are visiting us in a week, so we are excited about that. I am going on a fishing trip next Thursday. It was a present for my next door neighbor Josh. He got this great chartered fishing trip and was able to have some buddies go along. Should be fun. I'll try not to get sunburned like I did last week when we went fishing (caught 7 or 8 Croppies that day). we'll try to be better about updating. I guess it just gets to a point where you haven't done it for a while and then you kinda forget about. We will try to be more observant in the future. Thanks for the kick in the butt Joel.