January 13, 2013

The Greatest Show on Earth

We were lucky enough to be treated to a somewhat spontaneous trip to the circus with Nana and Poppy. It had been a while since we had been to the circus (and the twins don't even remember ever going), so they were pretty excited (or I was).  Once we told them, our days were filled with circus activity.  They practiced all kind of tricks and daring stunts that they were sure would qualify them to be a circus performer (like jumping from the 3rd rung of the bed ladder to their beanbag), they dressed up like clowns, they sang songs, and "tamed" stuffed animals, and did tricks on their bike.  We even babysat for a friend from church and they put on a whole circus for Baby K.  I seem to have instilled a love of themes in my children!

Finally, the day of the circus arrived!  They woke up extra early because they were so excited.  It was basically Christmas.  We joined the cousins and Nana and Poppy and headed over.  We were barely in the door before we were greeted by the same people they were dying to meet: clowns! (note: I was thrilled to discover my kids do not suffer from the common phobia of clowns).
This one was playing peek-a-boo with, and tickling, Ryan.
 D Surrounded
(I had to de-saturate this picture because the extreme amount of red practically burned the corneas...)
 H shaking hands.
After that, the kiddos were treated to a turn in the moon bounce.  The moon bounce was just across from a cage with a sign that read "Snake Photos," and we were all concerned for Nana.  It turned, however, that they didn't have a single snake.  Only 3 alligators.
Allie petting the albino alligator.
A quick group picture before the show
The cousins playing with the special swords they got as a present.
Finally, the show started (and I will confess it was one of the most challenging photo ops I have ever had due to the constantly changing lighting).  Ryan was pretty much mesmerized most of the time.  Allie got a little (or a lot) wiggly at times - it was a long time for her to sit still.  Regardless, they really enjoyed the circus, and had some favorite acts (although these favorites change pretty much every time I ask).
Allie's original favorite: the tigers!
Ryan's original favorite: the monkeys!
Of course, then it changed and Ryan's favorite was the tigers and Allie's favorite was the clowns.  And now Allie's favorite is the bounce house.  There were just too many favorites!
I didn't get a great picture of the acrobats on the trapeze, but I loved seeing their silhouettes in the light.  Very Peter Pan.
 The clowns (2 days later, I think the kiddos are finally starting to understand their jokes).
 The scariest act (for me).  They are hanging by his neck, toe-to-toe, with no nets.  I was terrified.
 The act that gave me a headache.  She is swinging by her hair!
MY favorite was the elephant - which wouldn't be a huge surprise to those who know of my love for elephants, except that this elephant was amazing.  He played the harmonica, trumpet, and drum.  He walked on a barrel, he walked across a (relatively) small plank, he balanced on his 2 front legs while on a rotating platform, and he skipped!  I was in love.
After the circus, I asked the twins what they would like to do if they were in the circus.  Allie said she would like to take care of the monkeys.  Ryan looked at me seriously and said, "Oh, no, mom!  I would never want to be IN the circus!"  Good to know I don't have to worry about at least one of my children running away to join the circus...

Thank you Nana and Poppy for a VERY fun day!!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time! Circuses are always more fun to watch than to be a part of. After all someone has to clean up after the elephants:) Love Papa and Gigi.

Anonymous said...

papa commented on his own finally. Just so he could be the first. Just glad he finally commented. Gigi

Anonymous said...

It was a fun day :)Nana & Poppy!
But that Allie doesn't play fair in the Lady Bug Game or Zingo :(
Wonder who she takes after? Fun weekend ♥

Anonymous said...

Yay, Papa, for commenting!!! Yes, someone has to clean up after the elephants and that is barrels full of stuff at one time!! The tigers are awesome. What's not to love about going to a circus!! Hugs to all, Grandma