July 03, 2012

Twinners' First Fireworks

I know.  You are totally confused, right?
First we take a couple weeks off, then we return and dump you in the beginning of June, and then suddenly we are at the 4th of July...and it isn't even the 4th of July yet!  Bear with me.

Basically, while I was enjoying being internet-free I also enjoyed some time being camera free (or the batter died and I kept forgetting to charge it...).  So there were about 2 weeks that didn't get documented.  I'll fill you in.  
 - The twins spent a weekend with daddy at the lakehouse while I had a wonderful weekend with the ladies on Lucas' side of the family (over my birthday - which everyone made wonderful).
 - we visited Nana after the lakehouse which was lovely and relaxing.
- we came home and had the yard sale.  We made almost $500 to put toward the adoption - which surpassed last year and our expectations.
- we had not 1 but 2 reunions with dear college friends...that went completely un-documented...because I forgot to charge my camera battery.
- the twins hovered on the verge of sickness for about a week so we didn't do much.
 - The temperatures soared and we made our own water slide.

 And that pretty much wraps up June...except for the fireworks.  It turns out that our community always does fireworks the Saturday before the 4th...which happened to be June 30th this year.  If you are thinking that it feels a little weird to celebrate the 4th of JULY in June...well, you would be correct.

We have not yet taken the twins to see fireworks.  In previous years I felt that their sleep was more important than the experience - they are incredibly sensitive to changes in their schedule, especially those that affect their sleep.  This year (this summer, for that matter), they have become much more flexible, and (especially during our travels) have had their sleep schedule pushed many times and they handled it well.  So, we braved it.

I'm so glad we did!
Waiting for the fireworks to begin.

Since they didn't even start until 2 hours after the twins normal bedtime, I dressed them in their pajamas (which I still managed to coordinate red, white, and blue!).  To keep them occupied during the pre-show twilight we stopped at the Dollar Store on the way and picked up glow sticks and necklaces ($4 for all of them!).  They were a huge hit.

One of my favorite moments was before the fireworks.  I took the twins to the edge of the open field and we caught fireflies.  They had never seen them in real life before.  There were so many around us - creating an enchanting atmosphere - and the twins were so excited when I was able to catch one for each of them to hold.  Is there a better way to spend a summer evening?

Shortly after we got back to our chairs, the fireworks began.

I loved hearing the twins say things like, "Wow!" and "That's my favorite!" (the one's that crackle and spin after they burst).  My favorite was when Ryan would yell, "Come down to us!  Come here!"  We were sitting at the edge of the field where they light them and they were literally bursting above our heads.  He desperately wanted them to come down to him before they went out.
I'm sure that I've said it before, but the 4th is one of my favorite holidays and I especially love fireworks.  It is always awesome to watch your favorite people experience one of your favorite things for the first time.  I'm so happy we went!

Happy 4th everyone!


Anonymous said...

Wish I could have seen their little faces light up when that first one went off. Glad they got to go. Nice firework pictures, I borrowed one for Facebook. :) Love to all, Nana

Anonymous said...

I forgot to tell you how much I love the water slide....YAY!! nana

Anonymous said...

wish I could have been there to hear them enjoying the fireworks. I Held kane thru it all here and he was scared and dug into my collar bone with his head but if I said wow ,cool then he did too. so it was cute to hear him repeat after me. Miss you, Gigi

Anonymous said...

Wow!! You caught it all on camera! You've had a couple wonderful weeks with lots of extra special times. Love the water slide, too. A cool way to spend time on a hot day. Hugs to everyone, Grandma