April 29, 2010


I haven't posted since we've been home because, well, there wasn't anything to say! Our trip was uneventful and we've been laying low since we've been home - recuperating from the long drive.
But I know that Grandparents (and great-grandparents!) prefer frequent updates, so I thought I would share pictures from today. I was making banana bread for Bible study, and I made it so the twins could eat some (no eggs, no dairy). The babies patiently watched me mix everything together from their booster seats, and, since there were no eggs, I rewarded them with a spoonful of batter! They were very happy :)

P.S. last time I made something for Bible study, they got to eat the leftover bits of cake from the pan...they are going to start REALLY liking Bible study nights :)

April 25, 2010

There is No Place Like Nebraska: Part 3

It has been an incredible pleasure for me to also have the opportunity to see some of my friends who live here. It has been years since I have seen them, and it was such a joy to catch up and reconnect.

One of the friends, Kelsey, I have known literally all my life and she is the closest I have ever had to a sister. It was wonderful not only to see her, but to have the twins meet their honorary auntie :) She also featured some of her pictures from the trip on her blog!

Ryan knows flattery will get you everywhere with a cute girl, and complementing her accessories is a good way to start...

Allie pauses to pose for the camera with Kelsey

Gotta love a self portrait!

My friend Anna from high school! (we did not coordinate the matching outfits!)

One of my greatest pleasures was attending the church where I grew up (and seeing the kids of people I played with when I was a kid!). Unfortunately, my hands were too full to get any pictures, but the opportunity to see people who were like extended family as I was growing up was a priceless treasure!

We leave first thing tomorrow morning. We would definitely appreciate your prayers for our trip! We have so enjoyed our time in Nebraska, but are looking forward to going home!

There is No Place Like Nebraska: Part 2

We planned many adventures, but between visiting family & friends, Papa & Gigi showing the babies off where they work, Gigi getting sick, and the unpredictable weather - most of them didn't work out. It's ok because we were exhausted enough from everything we already crammed in! We have managed to have a lot of fun, and here are a FEW of the pictures of our adventures while visiting Papa & Gigi.
The twinners fought to be in Papa's lap, so he entertained them both :)
On one rainy day we took them to the church for a change of scenery (& toys). They spent the majority of the time walking around the Family Center with the push toys they found.
Papa enjoys seeing the world through new eyes as Ry-guy checks out a tree at the park.
Gigi & Allie enjoy one of the twins' favorite past-times.
Allie has spent most of her awake time cruising around the house with her walk 'n' ride.
Ryan loved turning the singing bunny on and off...and on...and off...and on...and, well, you get the picture!
Papa & I thought there was a break in the weather for us to take the twins to the park. We had a great time (even met 12 year old twins who played on the swings with us!), but a sudden shower cut our time short. With no place to take shelter, we had a very wet walk home (which the twins enjoyed). An adventure to remember for sure!

p.s. There are more pictures of Papa than Gigi because Gigi has been sick (and who wants to be photographed when they are sick?), but we have had a fabulous time playing with Gigi as well :)

April 24, 2010

There is No Place Like Nebraska: Part 1

1 full week and 331 pictures later there is too much to share! In an attempt to share the highlights without overwhelming, I'm going to divide our trip into parts, and mostly show pictures. We have been able to have some quality time with my extended family. Seeing them was the main purpose for this trip, and the time (which is never enough) was such a blessing. Here are a few pictures:

Ryan has a heart-to-heart with Great Grandma
4 generations standing by the sign for our family business. 1 generation started the business. 3 generations have worked there (2 work there currently). 1 generation will work there someday!
Their first ride on the merry-go-round with Papa, Gigi, and my cousins (who you can't see in this picture).
(L-R, back-front) Cousins Courtney, Christina, me, Ashley, Brandey, Brother Nic, Uncle Jon & Aunt Phyllis
2 generations of twins (I have changed the diapers of both!)
Ryan enjoys some time playing with the big boys (pictured here with my youngest cousin!)
Allie takes a break from reading with my cousin H to pose for the camera.
My cousin D was quick to bond with the babies.
Ry-guy makes sure Great Grandpa is watching.
Allie & Great Grandma
I have (no joke) a hundred more pictures, but these are a few of the highlights. It was truly a joy to spend time with my family, and to introduce my babies to them. Hopefully, we will see them much more often in the future! We love you guys!

April 17, 2010


We are here! It has been roughly 2 1/2 years since I have been to Nebraska and I am completely giddy! It's so exciting to see my parents' house and the church where Lucas and I were married (which is across the street). I cannot wait to see my extended family (and hopefully a few friends) who I haven't seen in years!

The twins with Gigi & Great Aunt Jan

And I'm giddy from the trip out - not only did it go well, but we stayed the night with my cousin who lives halfway. She and her family lived in Maine when we moved to MA, and we loved seeing them and spending holidays with them. Then they moved back home. We hadn't seen them since their move, and it was so great to catch up and see the kids. A few pictures of our stay...

Pushing the shopping cart

Loving on the dog

Riding in the shopping basket

Hanging out with the big boys Rides in the Tonka truck

April 15, 2010


A few snapshots (and 1 video) of our last few days:

Trying on our helmets

Our first bike ride

Look who learned to turn!

Helping Daddy practice guitar

Playing while Mommy packs

Enjoying the pieces of cake that stuck to the pan

We leave first thing in the morning for Nebraska! Exciting adventures and pictures to follow, I'm sure :)

April 12, 2010


Because I know that the pitiful pictures will (and did) break their grandparents' (and great grandparents') hearts, I made sure to take lots of pictures of our events today - as evidence that the twins truly ARE better.

We always tend to hit the ground running after we've been sick, and this time was no exception. Today we started with our normal Monday morning event - grocery shopping. I have no pictures of grocery shopping - because with me pushing a stroller, pulling a cart, handing the twins snacks to keep them happy (which didn't work today...so throw a screaming ry-guy into the mix), racing through the aisles grabbing the items on my list as if I were in a game show...there are no hands left to take a picture!! We also had 2 stop at 2 stores today...and with an unhappy little man who screamed through both it was an exhausting adventure.

But I apparently hadn't had enough because I decided to take them to the park again today.

They love the swings and cannot get enough...

Then we had a picnic by the water where we watched the geese (they very quickly showed that they were afraid of us, so I wasn't too scared...). Then we went to meet daddy and played in his study...

They checked out the books on the bookshelf

Picked out a few to read
Ryan was generally more interested in reading than Sis...
Allie did some work with daddy

They cruised around the furniture

Allie was generally more interested in cruising than brother...
And somehow, daddy managed to actually get some work done!

On the trip home we stopped by for a quick ride on the swings (because I had sort of bribed ry-guy with another ride on the swings when I took him out the first time...and even though the bribe wasn't effective, I didn't feel I could rightly say, "I PROMISE we will come back and swing again a little later," over and over without following through). There were some high schoolers who were playing basketball near the swing set and Ryan was thrilled. He watched them like a hawk! Allie, in the meantime, enjoyed having daddy swing next to her.

On the walk home, we bumped into a gentleman from the community who we had met in passing before, and stopped to chat. The babies enjoyed meeting his dog Ty (a giant black dog...we were unsure of what kind...almost like a lab mixed with a st. bernard). Allie liked Ty as long as he kept some space between them, but Ryan had his hands out reaching for Ty whenever he wasn't near, and he liked Ty right up next to him licking his hands. One would think I would have been nervous having such a gigantic dog next to my babies, but this dog was so chill - he just exuded calm!

It was a full day - and we have no end to full days ahead of us as we (the babies and I) are preparing to leave for NE on Friday! There is so much to do before then...so you might not hear from us again before we go...but hopefully I'll be able to update from there!