February 22, 2011

Lucas' Ordination

I debated about just doing a giant recap that included Lucas' ordination. But this event was big, and special, and it deserved it's own post. Plus, we don't take a lot of opportunities to talk about us grown-ups.
For those unfamiliar with the what's and why's of ordination, an easy way to explain it is this: the ordination service is to a pastor and the church what a wedding ceremony is to a bride and groom. Prior to his ordination, Lucas met with a group of clergy, and they interviewed him and voted on whether or not to recommend him for ordination. He passed, and then the church had to meet, discuss, and vote on whether or not to present him for ordination (the vote was unanimously yes!).

To make the service even more special, it was attended by Lucas' friends from high school, college, seminary, and here. Granted, we didn't get a decent picture with any of them. But we did get this picture of our group of friends watching the service from the balcony. One of my favorite moments was when Lucas was giving his vows and I looked up to see the entire group, kids and all, looking over the rails of the balcony. I wished I had my camera to get a picture from the choir loft (where I was sitting)! We were so blessed to be surrounded by so many people from various stages of our life!
What was more, the service was also attended by pastors who served key roles in Lucas' life. Such as:

Lucas' pastor from a major portion of his growing up days. He played a key role in Lucas' early spiritual formation, and he gave the gospel presentation at the ordination.
Dr Reist. College professor and mentor. He was the pastor of this church before Lucas, and brought Lucas on as his "sidekick" as a way of allowing him to get his feet wet and test his calling. He gave Lucas every opportunity to preach, teach, visit, and minister. He also married us. He gave the sermon at the ordination.
Our friend, Adam, from seminary (who attended with wife, Sara). He and Lucas not only studied together to prepare for a life of ministry, but they were in a small group together. They shared struggles and fears, encouragement and support, petitions and prayers while preparing together for just such a day as this. He offered the closing prayer at the ordination.
And Bruce (pictured below. He is the one, in the group that is laying hands on Lucas, whose head is up and facing toward the left). Lucas' fellow associate pastor at the first church where he served as pastor. He was not only a mentor, but a friend. He taught Lucas so much about what it is to be a pastor. He offered the ordination prayer (and also preached in the morning).
Lucas also had a lot of family in attendance. The ones who have known him all his life. Who have seen his worst moments, and loved him regardless. Who have had a key part in shaping him into the man he is today (especially his parents). It was a blessing to have so many of them (we're talking parents, siblings, grandparent, aunts, uncles, cousins) there in a show of support and love. While you don't get to choose your family, we are very thankful for and blessed by the family we were given.
Aunts, uncles, cousins, and Grandma standing to be recognized.

Our family.

Lucas taking his vows.
And finally, our dear church family. We grew to love them when Lucas served, years ago, as youth pastor and sidekick. When we left, we cried like we had never cried before. They supported us while we were in seminary, stayed in contact during our time in MA, and willingly (evem excitedly) considered Lucas as a candidate! It was a joy to come back to serve as their pastor. It felt exceptionally fitting for this church to be the church that presented Lucas for ordination and celebrated this day with us. Lucas pointed out that in the same spot (in front of the stairs) Lucas and I got engaged, our twins were dedicated, and he was ordained. This church is incredibly precious to us. Also, it has been in the same basement that the church threw us a surprise wedding shower, celebrated our return, held a reception for our twins dedication, and gave the most wonderful dinner for all who attended the ordination. Oh, the food! And a chocolate fountain! These people know how to throw a party!

There is great weight in ordination. It is no light thing to take on the responsibility of teach, preaching, discipling, mentoring, serving, loving, and ministering as a life vocation. But I know my husband, I know his great love for God and God's church, I know his gifts and abilities, and passions, and I know he will serve humbly and faithfully for as long as God calls him to do so. It is a pleasure to be able to serve along side him.

Because there must always be at least one picture of the kiddos: Lucas with the twins :)


Anonymous said...

Wow, was nice to see all and learn about his ordination since we couldn't come in person. gigi

Lauren and Jeff said...

We were sorry to have to miss this event, but overjoyed that it was such a beautiful day for you all!

Anonymous said...

Very proud of you Lucas and it was a day to remember. Felt Grandpa there with us. So many friends, family, and past pastors to share with us. Our God is an Awesome GOD!
MOM :)

Anonymous said...

Our hearts were with you all on this blessed day and we wished we could have been there in body. Thanks for sharing the day with us. You are a beautiful chosen by God team, Kim and Lucas!! Blessings, Grandma and Grandpa

Laura Davis, Mills Head CC/Track Coach said...

Really heartwarming to read about this guys! Congratulations and we'll pray that your ministry will be long and fruitful. You'll be getting a thank-you note for you latest donation in about a month, Lord willing & the typhoon don't rise. . . .