August 01, 2011

It's The People

The motto of the town where we went to college is "It's the People." It was sort of a running joke in college - like it was the cheesiest motto a town could possibly have. But I have since learned, especially after saying goodbye to places and the people there that we loved, that it truly is the people who make a place wonderful. This is a quick post dedicated to the people we were able to see while we were there (both pictured and not), and the people we were sorry we missed!
Being crazy with Miss Valerie! I love the way Allie flew into the picture just as I was capturing a sweet moment!
Reading books given to them by Karen & Bruce.
Playing on the zipline with the Northgraves (so much fun!)
Capturing a silly mother-daughter moment :)
At the park with our dear friends (little C wasn't even born when we left!)
All the kids on the swings (with A's mommy in the background)!
Playing piano with Mimi!
I, unfortunately, missed a lot of pictures of a lot of people. I would forget my camera, or forget to get it out, or take pictures that were completely blurry...and many of the pictures I got aren't stellar (except those of the Northgrave ladies. Every one of them is gorgeous). I didn't get a single picture of our entire last day (or the many treasured friends we visited). Bummer. But the quality of the photos does not reflect the quality of the time. Treasured moments. Precious memories. While no amount of time seemed truly sufficient, it was enough to tide us over until our next visit (or until someone finally gives in and moves closer to us!) :)


Anonymous said...

So much FUN :) You guys will have places all over to go to and see your friends. Thanks for letting us capture the moment too. HUGS..Nana

Lauren and Jeff said...

I so completely understand the title of this post that it hurts. What an awesome gift to be able to go back "home" and visit so many people you love.

Anonymous said...

And then come 'home' to Michigan. No matter how far one travels---home is always the best place to be. Even though others one loves are so far away---that is the hard part. Grandma

Valerie said...

Oh, goodness! That picture turned out so cute! It was such a pleasure to see you guys! I promise that next time I'm in Michigan I'll make sure to save some time to come visit.