May 23, 2011

He's Here!!

He's here! He's here!! Our very first nephew! He arrived on Saturday, and as you can see below, he is perfect.

We were hoping to go down right away to see him, but it worked out that the only day we could go was today...and this is their first day home. No one wants to come home from the hospital to a house full of people...especially twin we will head down once they are a little more settled. Although I can barely wait!

We made our traditional "Welcome to the World" poster that we have made for our other cousins.

So far, the twins have been having a little trouble with his name. Currently, they are calling him "Baby Handsome" or "Baby Hugsy" (because they thought I said "hug some" for his name?" Personally, I think both are cute, and could easily become his bloggy nickname :)

Congratulations Uncle G & Lala! Welcome to the world Baby Handsome! WE LOVE YOU!!!


Kim said...

Don't forget, whenever a new cousin is born we take a full week off posting on the blog to focus ALL attention on them! See you in a week!

Anonymous said...

As usual super cool sign and so much love from our family. Love you all...Nana
Miss my other grandbabies so much!!

Anonymous said...

He is a cutie. Now Ryan can have a male to play with and get away from all the girls for a bit. Gigi