December 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Lucas' birthday is right before Christmas. This means that sometimes it gets a little lost in the shuffle. Earlier in the year, Lucas joked that he wanted me to plan a party for him like I do for the kids. "You want a theme party too?" I joked back. And then I decided I would do one! It was a bit tongue-in-cheek, but the kids really enjoyed it.
Basketball! Because I already had a lot of things around the house to pull it together, and it is his favorite thing to play with the kids.
I took the twins to the store to get presents for Daddy. They were very specific about what they wanted to get him. Candy (Allie picked gummy bears and Ryan picked sour gummy worms. Both favorites of Daddy...and them). And pop (or Daddy's special juice...which probably sounded a bit fishy to the other people in the store...). I got Lucas some laundry bins. Sounds like the worst gift ever, but we have a laundry control issues, and it drives Lucas nuts more than anything. We've had trouble finding a solution that would work. So I carefully thought out a system, purchased some bins that would work, painted on them with a little chalkboard paint (so we can write what goes into them, but change it if needed), and he is thrilled! He says I gave him the gift of a happy, organized home :)
A scoreboard themed banner.
Food is a big part of our birthdays. For breakfast we made monkey bread, and for dinner I made his favorite meal - Gleasons. They are like dumplings, and they are a "Grandma" specialty. I have avoided making them for years (lets just say that my attempts at her homemade bread resulted in a lot of "This doesn't taste like Grandma's. What did you do wrong?" But I decided to try it this year. And I invited his brother and H over to enjoy the gleasons with us (before I thought through the possibility of them not turning out...). Thankfully, they tasted ok. I even made homemade bread (a different recipe than grandma's though. I just can't compete with her homemade bread!) He loved the dinner. And it was so fun having some family to surprise him and celebrate his birthday with us! Too bad I was so busy with the gleasons that I forgot to take pictures...
With Daddy before bedtime.
Happy Birthday, Daddy! We love you so much!


Imp said...

Aw, way to go on the party, Kim! And I love how Allie looks so gangster in the last picture. She was obviously channeling the true spirit of Piston's basketball :) Hugs from Texas!

Anonymous said...

Aren't you the blessed man, Lucas!!! Way to go, Kim, with a fun party! I love the way you turn things that you already have into such fun events!! Life is good !! God's blessings upon each of you throughout 2012, Grandma and Grandpa

Lauren and Jeff said...

Awesome! I love it! I definitely was thinking of how little effort I put into Jeff's birthdays now that we have Morgan. This post inspires me to start thinking of ideas for next year!