December 19, 2011

Christmas Adventure

I'm behind. I have more posts coming. But for some reason Blogger is doing weird things when I'm signed in (and I can never remember Lucas' password), so I haven't been able to post. But here are some pictures from our most recent Christmas adventure!

We went to see the Nite Lights like last year. This year, I was far more prepared and had my camera with me! We drove through the lights (I couldn't get any decent pictures, but believe me, it is amazing. Their website shows some of the display, but it doesn't even come close. Some of them look like they are moving, some are choreographed with music. It is an entire fairground full of lights. We love it. You end at the Winter Wonderland where we managed to sneak in another train adventure! Only you can't see the train in any of the pictures, because I was sitting on it...but it was a short train ride around a little loop where you got another view of some of the lights.
"It's the Music Nativity!"
Ryan's favorite display - the grandstand covered with lights that were choreographed with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (Ryan loves all their music)
A snowman!
Then we got to pet the real live reindeer! The twins think they are so cool. They've been talking about reindeer ever since.
They have a big Christmas tree festival with lots of trees to walk through. Allie was in love with the fake snow. She played in it, sat in it, took fistfuls of it and threw it in the air...
They also had a puppet show. This was their favorite last year, so we were excited for them to see it this year.
At first they were both really excited.

But one of the puppets is a grinch-looking cyclops...and Ryan wasn't a big fan. He spent the rest of the puppet show like this:
Ooops. Oh, well. The twins kept saying "That was a wonderful Christmas Adventure!" So I would say it was an overall success. If you live in our area, you have to check this out. Seriously, I think it might be one of our favorite annual traditions!


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!! What a fun time in the wonderland of lights, reindeer and Christmas fun. Grandpa and I love that photo of Ryan full of joy!!! Made us giggle with him. Enjoy Mom and Dad and brother for Christmas. (Hopefully brothers) We miss them a lot Christmas Eve but rejoice that you have them. How awesome that Jesus isn't just a one day a year occasion, but rather a minute by minute guest in our hearts!! Blessed Christmas to all, Grandma

Anonymous said...

I agree with Grandma...what a wonderful time of year. We really have to slow down the pace and remember what is important. Jesus, Family, and being together with loved ones. Merry Christmas to all who read this blog. Love Nana