April 27, 2011

How Great is This?

When we lived in MA, and I was working, I had a 45 minute, 1 way commute. To try to redeem that time, I would often use it as my prayer and praise time. I would pray for the people on my heart & then pop in a cd and sing my heart out. They day I found out about the twins - alone in my knowledge because Lucas still had about 5 1/2 hours before he arrived home from Haiti - I felt an overwhelming urge to praise, turned on my favorite cd, and How Great is Our God started playing. It was the first time I sang this song to the twins, and as I sang I prayed that someday they would experience first-hand the power of our God in such a way that their heart (like mine) would have no other response but to praise our great God. I have sang this song, and prayed this prayer to them pretty much every day since. The twins now call it the "mommy song," and start shouting "Mommy!!" every time they hear it.

I know I have mentioned this before. Told you how meaningful this song is to me. So why am I bringing it up again? Because yesterday Allie spent the afternoon doing this:

I have thought for a while that there is nothing cuter than toddlers singing. Toddlers praising Jesus? Instant heart melt. A toddler praising Jesus by singing your special song? That is a heart-stopping, tear-jerking, joy-filling, can't-stop-smiling moment. I'm pretty sure this is my favorite song I will ever hear my children sing. Ever.

And if the first video wasn't cute enough for you - check out this one which we call the outtakes :) Be sure to at least watch it once where you look at Ry-guy. Some of his facial expressions as he watches his sister are priceless!

And if you are wondering, yes, Ryan does sing this song as well. We sing it every night at bedtime and both twinners join right in. But he is more shy about singing for the camera than his sister, so I doubt I will ever get video of him singing our song.


Anonymous said...

I thought it was heart melting to hear on the phone . but , well my heart is just filled with love and Ryan was so sweet in the back ground laughing with his sister. She does like to see her self on the computer. This is priceless, Gigi

Anonymous said...

I'm at work and can't look at this right now...can't wait to go home and watch this...I'm so glad you got this on video to have someday down the road for her to hear. Love you so much twinners!! Thanks for sharing Kim. NANA
Starting my journal gift tonight. Thanks for everything.

Anonymous said...

The 'sharing' just melts my heart with praise and thanks be to God for you and for our time together sharing Him as you grew up. But for whatever reasons, where the video should be is a big blank. How wonderful for kids who grow up with parents who love and walk with God in the joyous way you and Lucas do!!! Love and prayers, Grandma

Kim said...

Grandma, try again. That happens to me every now and then (slow network connecting), but usually if I wait a little and then go back the video appears.