May 31, 2011

A Memorial Week to Remember: Part 1

Such a fun (and picture)-filled week that we have to split it into different parts!

For the twins' birthday, Papa & Gigi bought them a swingset! My dad built a swingset for me when I was 2 (created one himself because he couldn't find one to buy that was good enough), and it was one of the most cherished items of my childhood. Who am I kidding? I used that swingset until I graduated from high school and we moved! If I needed to clear my head or get away, I would go outside and just swing. I loved that thing. I know the potential for how much my kids will like this one!

Papa & Gigi promised to come out when it got warmer (now!) to build it! Papa started building it in the garage (because it was raining), but finally we had some brief sun Saturday AND Nana and Poppy were here on their way home from Baby Hugsy! So the twins' 3 favorite guys (Daddy, Papa, & Poppy) built their swingset together!

The twins watched their progress through the window.

Every now and then they would check out their work.

Finally, it was finished! And our cousins came over to help us break in the swingset! This was the best picture of the 4 of them (with Nana & Gigi).

Allie wanted to play football with the guys.

Watch out, Allie!

Enjoying the swings.

Poppy would hold Baby D so that he sister's toes would touch her. She loved it!

When he would get to the bottom of the slide, Ry-guy would clap, cheer, and hop to his awaiting fans.
I love this picture because Nana is hopping :)

Then he would jump in their arms for hugs. Everyone waiting. It was a blast!

The kiddos even got me up there. Here we are cheering Harper on!

Thank you, Papa & Gigi for our swingset! Thank you, Papa, Daddy, and Poppy for building our swingset!
We love it!

On Sunday, everyone came to our church's special Memorial Weekend Service (read more about it HERE). After the service, everyone leaves the sanctuary & follows the flags out to the cemetery

Then we have a special Memorial Service, complete with the Gettysburg address, Patriotic Songs, and the playing of Taps. It was helpful having the grandparents there as I am the photographer for this event!

And this is just the beginning of the fun we have been having!


Anonymous said...

What a fun time we had!! Pictures are great Kim. Thanks, xo NANA

Anonymous said...

What an exciting blog! And the church news was awesome--so much victory going on. I am very uplifted for you. Praise and thanks be to God!

Anonymous said...

The above was me, Grandma! Forgot to sign off!!

Kevin and Krista said...

So fun! I loved the age of two with each of mine. They are constantly exploring and learning new things. I prefer to call them the "Terrific Twos."