December 23, 2011

Christmas Program

This year the twins participated in their very first church Christmas program! I was so excited. At first I thought they were just going to sing "Away in a Manger" at the end. But they ended up having parts! The play featured the gospel parallels found in classic Disney stories. The first featured was "Snow White," and the "little kids" were the dwarfs!
Allie was convinced the Mic was for her...
Ry-guy exiting. He calls this his "Hi-Ho" costume.
The kids were featured again in the "101 Dalmatians" where they played the dalmatians. My children refused to wear the puppy ears...
Allie reaching for the Microphone again. This time her friend, E, stepped in.
Ry-guy found a spot, and stayed. He picked one where he could rest his head and be comfortable.
Sometimes he was joined by H (yes, their cousin got to be in the play with them! So much fun to see them up there all together!).
Sometimes he was joined by Allie (who was all over the stage, so it wasn't surprising that she bounced up there).
They exited for the last skit. And then had to return at the end to sing a few songs. Allie snuck through the door a little early for some solo time on stage...
All the kids singing "Away in a Manger" and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas"
Allie sang loudly the whole time.
Ryan didn't sing at all.
H sang some of the time.
So they all balanced out :)
They couldn't stop playing with their shirts.
Before the play, we talked about how we should stand up front. In one spot. Not on the floor. Not running around and not playing with anything. Before we went in, Ryan said to me, "Mommy, I will listen, and stand still really well." He did. Perfectly. Allie was another story. She was all over. She would dance down the aisle, and then back up. She was in the choir loft. She sat in the chairs behind the pulpit. She sat on the stairs. It was both frustrating and comical :) And so, here is a game I like to call "Where's Allie?"
Where's Allie?
There she is!
Still don't see her? Check the choir loft.
Where's Allie?
There she is!
Yup. My child was the only one that had to be carried off-stage.
While the little kids (especially my kids) added a bit of unpredictability to the play, they also added a lot of humor :) Plus, I love it when they get to participate in church activities, and feel an active part of the church family.. And I love that our church family welcomes their unpredictability.


Anonymous said...

These pictures remind me of the ones your Dad took at your program when you were little. The first photo you lift your skirt a little, the 2nd one, a bit higher, and up, up, until the last photo you have your skirt over your head with your slip up enough to show your undies! After that your Mom put you in slacks! Mary at Uncle Jon's church sat on the altar step and gave a flashy undie view the whole time. Not too Mary like, but so memorable and fun for everyone (except the Mom!) Thanks for sharing your precious children time at your church! Blessed coming year, Grandma

Anonymous said...

It was a wonderful program :) Happy New Year from Nana