December 18, 2009


We had their 9 month checkup today! Allie is 18 1/2 lbs (in the 30th percentile) and 28 in. long (55th percentile!). Ryan is 20 1/2 lbs (50th percentile) and 28 1/2 in. long (55 percentile). Allie is still a bit of a peanut, but the doctor said she really is growing well. Ryan is obviously the bigger of the two, but the doctor said he is exceptionally well proportioned (50th & 55th percentile, so he's almost perfectly even!). He said both are really growing well - especially considering that they were around 2 months old before they were the size of an average newborn!

Allie has one lovely tooth coming in, and the doctor confirmed (since he can actually hold their mouth open with a tongue depressor and look in with a little light) that Ryan has a second tooth that just popped through.
It turns out that Allie is probably having night terrors (a little earlier than most children, but not uncommon). Poor girl apparently takes after her mama in having vivid dreams. The problem is knowing how to comfort her...the doctor suggested going in and picking her up, but I often find that she isn't awake when she cries out, and picking her up just wakes her up, and then I spend forever getting her back to sleep...I'll figure out what works best I suppose!

When it came to shots, they both took them like a pro. Allie actually screamed more when he put the tongue depressor in he mouth (she is very particular about being the only person who puts anything in her mouth), than when she got her shots. Ryan hardly cried at all. One big scream and then he jabbered away...until I refused to let him pull all the papers off the doctors desk - then he threw a fit!

It is always so reassuring to have these checkups, hear they are doing well and are on target, and get information on what's to come. And, being a mommy of preemies whose world once revolved around weight gain, I love tracking how much they've grown! Next time they see the doctor they will be a year old...crazy!


Anonymous said...

Kim you are doing so good. You are such a good mommy and they are just beautiful babies. I look at them and think is it just because they are ours that they are so exceptionally great!!! or would anyone just fall in love with them the second they see the? I think they would. I'm glad Ryan is bigger than Allie. It's time he shows her he can do something first!! :) Can't wait to see their little choppers! Nana
9 more days :) :)

Anonymous said...

I think too Allie seems to move around more than Ryan that's probably why she weighs a little less. But then Ry does a lot of jumping so he gets plenty exercise. Can you believe it won't be that long and they are going to have their first birthday!! WOW how can that be? Nana Again

Anonymous said...

I knew they must have grown. they are so healthy thanks to their mama. They are so precious and I just want to pick them up and hug you all, Gigi

Anonymous said...

it is a great site...i just went to it. i wish we would have had all those helpful sites when our kids were little. we just got the gerber baby food and that was it. My kids loved plums with tapioca. i think loralee ate it until she was in college. haha :)
Love you all ..Nana
Hi Gigi got your xmas card loved the pictures is on my frig!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Nana, it's a whole different world to raise kids. What an awesome wonder and gift for you and I if we could see ourselves and siblings on video--even more incredible if we could see our parents as toddlers! The blog sites are so precious to us who can't see the twins often. And Kim , you make it just like we were there! Thank you, thank you!! It is sunny and thawing a bit today!! We have tons of snow. Hugs to you, the twins, and Lucas.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the beautiful pictures of the kids. You do a great job with the camera and catching the kids down at their level. We really enjoy being able to keep up with you and the kids progress, you both do a wonderful job with the blog. We love and miss you, Uncle Jon and Aunt Phyllis

P.S. Uncle Jon says he's very proud of both of you! :-)