December 21, 2009

General Merriment

The big highlight of the last few days was Lucas' birthday! We had some fun establishing some family birthday traditions! One I totally stole from my uncle Jon is a homemade birthday banner. Granted, my uncle Jon is a talented artist...and I am his banners are works of art, and mine...well, it's the thought that counts!

Lucas also got to pick whatever he wanted for each meal (a tradition of my family growing up), including a free steak and peanut butter thing from not Your Average Joes!!

Gummy Peaches...daddy's current favorite sweet treat.

He tried reading Dr. Seuss' "Happy Birthday to You!" to the twins (which I had done on my birthday), but they were getting sleepy and he didn't get to finish before the meltdowns began...
Don't you just LOVE the way Ryan is looking at Lucas?

what are some of your favorite birthday traditions?

The twins are getting more interactive and fun every day! We have always had the tradition of bringing whatever baby wakes up first in to get the other baby singing "we love brother/sister!" But we switched it up recently by placing already awake baby in the crib with newly awake baby (ok, so we needed to free hand and did it once out of necessity, and they were so cute we kept it up!). While we thought they would be possessive about the other baby being in THEIR space, they seem to love it. They happily welcome the incoming baby and excitedly talk and giggle!

This morning I ran to get my camera and came back to find that Allie had dragged Ryan into her lap and was hugging him! He was smiling...but had a "help me, mommy!" look in his eyes, so I separated them before snapping a few pictures. I love how much they love each other!

Another fun new thing is riding in the laundry basket!! I was suddenly struck with the idea that they might like this (while thinking of alternatives to sledding), and we tried it the other day. Ryan liked it so much that every time we took him out of the basket he threw a fit (a not so fun end to a really fun activity...).

BONUS: I had been looking for an easy way to transport both babies through the house together. I used to leave one while I moved the other, but they are too mobile to leave anyone alone anymore. I tried once carrying Ryan and trying to get Allie to crawl behind, but she kept trying to go where I did not want her to go (bathroom & kitchen), and so I had to set Ryan down, take her, and come back for him.

Now, I just load them both up in the laundry basket and away we go! They are thrilled with the fun ride, and I don't have to worry about leaving anyone behind! Thank God for the many uses of the laundry basket. Ours have served so many purposes since having babies!!

Every night, before bed, we pray with Allie and Ryan for their not-yet-born baby friends (5 to be exact). This morning we received word that one of these babies made a safe and healthy arrival into the world (Praise God!). Shortly after, we found out that another of these babies potentially has a serious neurological defect that might mean we never meet him/her this side of Heaven. While we stand before our God with unspeakable joy over the miraculous blessing of baby Sarah Grace, our hearts break for our cousins who received this devastating news. Please, join us in praying for Baby R and parents.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Lucas!! We thought of you all last week as your birthday was arriving. A major new tradition this year---you're a Daddy! And some very blessed kids that you are!! Some great pictures and fun stories!! We wish you all a blessed Christmas! Our love and prayers, Grandma/Grandpa/ Greats

Anonymous said...

P.S. And we definitely will keep Baby R and parents in our prayers. God is the God of miracles. Heis with them. G/G

Anonymous said...

WE just had Christmas with A. Darleen and U. Pat and Grandma. We are getting an ice storm tomorrow so we are leaving for Logan's earlier than planned. WE had a fun night. My kids loved the laundry baskets also, as do many. The pictures are precious and you are right the one with Ryan looking up at daddy is so great. Love the fact that they love each other and like being in the crib together. Thank you to everyone for praying for Baby R. We know as christians that God always has a perfect plan but this one is hard to understand. But we except it and lean on Him for grace and understanding. Will keep you posted on Baby R and situation. Merry Christmas to Gigi, Papa, Great grandma, & Grandpa and everyone else who reads this blog. Love to all. God's Blessing for a wonderful CHRISTmas. Nana & Poppy

Anonymous said...

I was looking at Ryan look at his Daddy before I read it that is so sweet. Glad to see you are getting lots of use out of your laundry basket and having fun too. we are in a blizzard WATCH for tomorrow and may not get to go to steve's parents for our traditional celebration. wish I could give them a ride in the basket even if its not as fun for the driver. Merry Christmas to all especialy those in Michigan nana and Poppy.
sorry to hear about baby R and we will join you in your prayers as well. love ya Gigi

Lauren and Jeff said...

I was addicted to those peach rings for a while back in college! Excellent choice, Lucas. I'm glad to see you had a lovely birthday.