June 13, 2009

Then & Now

I have heard there have been requests for updates on the blog. My apologies for taking so long to finally post! When they were in the NICU, I had the time but couldn't write becaue I was too emotional. And then they came home...and I got caught up in the daily rhythm of changing diapers, feeding bottles, washing dishes, laundering laundry, soothing crying, and so on...that I didn't realize how much time has passed!

It is crazy to me how it feels like a lifetime since the twins were born (someone pointed out to me the other day that it has literally been two lifetimes since they were born!), but it somehow seems like time has stood still. I keep track of the days that pass, but it feels like there is no way so many days could have gone by. Also, even though I see the twins grow and change every day (some mornings they literally look bigger than the babies I know I put to bed the night before, and every day they do something new), but my brain has trouble believing that they are all that different from the babies we brought home from the NICU 11 weeks ago (yes...it has been that long!). Which is why I decided last week to take a picture that would help me compare then and now.

For the most part, while I know they look different, it is difficult to compare the actual change in size because many of the pictures don't have something specific that can be a benchmark for change. However, when we first brought them home from the hospital we took a picture of them in their car seats - swallowed up by the gigantic seats and snuggled in with blankets to fill in the extra space. So I decided to take a picture of them in their car seats now to see the change. As you can see, they have grown a LOT in those few weeks! And I think they have actually grown a noticeable amount in the week since the car seat picture...

I'm going to try, from now on, to update the blog more regularly. Daily might be a stretch. I think I can guarantee weekly, and hopefully surprise you with posts more often than that. But, since you followed me, and prayed for me, all those weeks in the hospital, I want you to be able to follow the blessed outcome! Plus, I love any opportunity to gush!


Nana & Poppy Miller said...

Allie and Ryan you have grown so so much. But you are the sweetest grandbabies ever!! Any pictures, blogs, skyp's, etc etc....are appreciated. I know how busy you all are!! Thanks for the picture and up-dated blog. Love, NANA'

maggen said...

lots of love... the twins look adorable... and soooo much bigger....it's amazing. ***huggs!***

the monkey's mama said...

yay for you posting! mad props for getting it done--can't imagine life with two and blogging :-o

And, oh my goodness they look so much bigger! crazy!

Lauren and Jeff said...

Weekly! You must have 8 arms, because I can barely manage to post monthly with one baby! Thank you for any and all glimpses into your lives.