November 19, 2009

Logan & Mindy's Wedding: Part 4 "The Main Event!"

I'm going to start this post with a confession. I was on baby duty, so I didn't get many pictures. But I really wanted to have some good pictures for the I "borrowed" some from facebook. I hope this is ok with all involved...

Mindy with her bridesmaids and her mom.

Logan & his groomsmen.
Does it look like there are more men than women? There were! 2 groomsmen to every bridesmaid. Sounds like good odds for the groomsmen, but the bridesmaids were almost all married! Sorry, fellas.
The morning of the wedding, while the twins were napping, I helped Dan cut 2 bags of limes. This was really nothing because the day before he had single-handedly cut 15 lbs. of colby jack cheese into cubes- doing his best to make sure that the cubes were all similarly sized! I believe this wins him the Father-in-Law of the Month title for November, and makes him the front-runner for Father-in-Law of the Year! Anyways, my hands smelled like limes the rest of the day!
The November Father-in-Law of the Month at work!

Our family just before we left for the wedding. Allie is wearing a flower band that her new aunt Mindy made for her to wear (Harper had a matching one for her outfit).

Feeding the twins before the wedding. I thought it would calm them down, but it didn't!

The wedding was beautiful - as I knew it would be. You may know that my new Sister-friend (in-law sounds awful, so I call them my sister-friends), Mindy, is artistic and she has an eye for putting things together that I would never see, but look fabulous. Her wedding was a beautiful example. The dresses were gorgeous, and the flower arrangements were fantastic (Ryan agreed - he tried to eat Loralee's!). It was lovely (which is why I wanted to have pictures to show!).

As for the actual wedding. I can't really tell you anything firsthand because I was out in the hallway with fussy babies. I did get to see Lucas pronounce them husband & wife and the kiss. I also overheard a couple conversations afterwards about the time Logan got a hole-in-one...which I thought was curious. Until Lucas filled me in later. See, in Lucas' talk he asked Logan how much a golf ball was worth (a couple bucks?). Then he asked how much it was worth to him if he knew it was THE golf ball that he got a hole in one with (priceless). He went on to explain that husbands and wives are called to honor each other, and honor is placing value. Mindy (like the golf ball) is priceless to him. He then talked about having an honor bank - you can make deposits or withdrawals. He encouraged them to make deposits. Now, I might not be getting this perfect (because I wasn't there), but this is the main idea...and the mere mention of the hole-in-one golf ball is what made it a topic of conversation after the wedding (aha!).

The sticky-fingered bandit struck again after the wedding. The babies were fussy, and Lucas' grandma was holding Ryan while I was holding Allie (Lucas was sitting on the other side of his grandma sometimes talking to Ryan, sometimes jumping in the pictures that were being taken). All of the sudden I felt like Ryan needed me. I called to Lucas to take Allie so I could take Ryan. Being closer to Ryan he asked why he didn't just leave Allie with me and take Ryan and I responded, "Because he needs his mama right now." Lucas shrugged and took Allie and I reached for Ryan and noticed something sparkling in his mouth...Ryan had pulled Grandma's earring out and had it in his mouth! We have no clue how long he had it, but if I hadn't suddenly felt that he needed me he might have swallowed it and the evening could have been capped off with a trip to the emergency room. I think God was watching out for my wily (and hungry?) little man!

I wasn't able to stay for the reception because I went home with the babies (all three - Lucas helped me get them down though). But I hear it was a wonderful reception and Logan & Mindy told me they had a great time (which is all that matters).

The table I would have been at, had I been able to stay. Picture the twins and me here!

And with this wonderful event, all that is left to be added to the Miller family are more grandbabies!

Congratulations Logan & Mindy!!!


Daniel said...

Don't you mean Father-friend?

Anonymous said...

You did great on the blog for what you had to work with.I wish you could have stayed with us but glad babies were being taken care of and sleeping peacefully! Mindy does have a talent of putting things together. I never seen anyone throw colors together like she does. I'm with you (in-laws) not acceptable. Hugs to all, NANA

Lauren and Jeff said...

You described Lucas' wedding sermon very well - it was inspiring and personalized so hopefully the newlyweds will remember it always.

ldmiller said...

I would say Father-friend, but the official title of the award is "Father-in-Law of the month," and I can't mess with official titles. I mean, it's not like I made it up or anything!