October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Be prepared...we're a little picture happy today!

Our Halloween certainly started strange...when we walked into the babies' room in the morning Allie had started crawling out of her clothes! The zipper was still completely up, so I have absolutely no clue how she managed to get her arm out...and it was cold so it must have been out for a little while. Crazy girl!

The big event for the day was going to visit one of our favorite nurses from the NICU. We had been trying to coordinate a time to visit when we knew she was there, and Halloween seemed like the perfect day. While we were visiting we witnessed another family leaving with their baby! Joyful memories! It was so great to see Stacy again. She spent more time initially with our babies than we were able to, and it started to feel a little like she was family! We also stopped to visit the floor where I had "lived" during the weeks I was in the hospital on bedrest (32 days total). Not only did I get to see a few of the nurses I had, but one of my absolute favorite nurses - the nurse who had been on duty the night they took me to L&D & who helped me figure out if I was indeed leaking fluid (I was, which was why that ended up being the night they induced) - was there today! I hadn't had a chance to see her before I left, and I had been so bummed, so it was very exciting to see her and have her meet the babies! It was so good to be back under different circumstances!

Ryan & the girls!

We got home and the whole family took a much needed nap (woohoo), and then we got the twins dressed again. They had taken a really late nap (they woke up at 5!) and the weather was BEAUTIFUL, so we decided to take them to a few of the neighbors since they didn't have to go to bed for a while.

Unfortunately, only 1 neighbor was home. Since they still had a while before they needed to go to bed we decided to trick-or-treat at the houses of a couple of church friends.

Our first stop was JK's where Allie was quick to go diving for candy (twice - m&m's both times!). She held onto her candy as if her life depended on it (and cried when Lucas eventually took it away).

We also let Ryan go diving for candy - he needed a little more encouragement. He picked a 3 Musketeers (probably the shiny, silver wrapper), but quickly threw it to the ground.

Then we stopped by Chris & Kim's (and the other Chris & Kim also happened to be there!). Ryan picked a blow pop - and once again tossed it pretty quickly.
Allie once again picked m&m's (after going through the candy a little). She seems to favor the little chocolate candies!

2 babies, 2 Chris's, 2 Kims!

It was such a full, and wonderful day! We hope you all had a similarly wonderful Halloween!


Anonymous said...

What cute costumes, and cute kids of course. Sounds like you had a great time trick or treating. I got up this morning couldn't wait to see them dressed up.
Looking forward to the next blog.
hugs and kisses to everyone,
aunt darleen

the monkey's mama said...

that is so funny that she loved the M&Ms. Good girl! And Catherine slept until 5 PM on Halloween, too. Weird.

Kim Ketchen said...

We are very thankful that we were able to share part of the twin's first Halloween with you. Next year there will either be 4 boys or 4 girls. It all depends on Lil' Ketch's gender. :)

Kim said...

Yay! Baby Ketch's existence has been officially announced on our blog! It's not as big as going "facebook official" but it's an honor nonetheless!