July 09, 2009

The newest member of our family

Tuesday evening the newest member of the Miller family was born - Harper Grace. We are so excited for Logan & Mindy, and the twins are very excited (as I'm sure you can tell from the picture) for their new cousin. I have many happy memories of playing with my cousins when I was younger, and was so disappointed early on because they wouldn't have any cousins their age. But then we found out Harper was on the way and we were thrilled! A cousin only a couple months younger than they are! It doesn't get much better! She is such a beautiful a beautiful little girl, and we are so thankful for her safe arrival!
A few funny anecdotes:
Yesterday I took the twins outside to cut their nails (they get fresh air. I don't have to clean up nail clippings. It's the perfect spot!). I was clipping Ryan's toenails when I noticed one of his nail slivers walking! An ant (hidden under the nail) had picked it up and was taking it away!
The last few weeks, after I put the twins down for their nap, I would frequently hear the faint sound of a baby crying. I would check the monitor and the lights wouldn't register any sound (even when I was still hearing the crying), I would go and listen in at the door, I would even walk around the house to see if I was hearing something outside. Nothing. This would happen several times a day, and I was beginning to wonder about my sanity. Then, yesterday, I happened to be in checking on the babies when I heard it. They were both obviously sleeping, but I was definitely hearing the crying (no question in my mind, as there had been other times). Suddenly I realized where it was coming from...I had made a recording on my digital recorder of running water to help soothe the babies to sleep. While I was making the recording (at the sink in the bathroom), Ryan had woke up and started crying, and I had taken him into the kitchen. The faint sound of a baby crying was the recorder picking up the sound of Ryan's cries in the other room! You can't imagine my relief!


Lauren and Jeff said...

Kim, I had a similar "I hear crying" experience, except it turned out to be a toy duck that was going off randomly in Morgan's room. Go figure!!

Also, I would like to note that although they are only 2nd cousins with her, Morgan is only about 8 months older than the twins and hoping very much to meet them sometime soon!

ldmiller said...

Only 8 Months? For some reason Morgan seems so much older to me! They definitely will enjoy playing with her - hopefully soon!!

Dad and Mom Miller said...

This is so so cool!!