December 13, 2009

Discovering our world

Here are some things the twins have discovered lately:
If they pull the bottle out of their mouth, and immediately squeeze the nipple, the contents squirt out...all over them. They love this - mommy thinks it's very messy.

When strands of hair catch the sunlight streaming through, it is very pretty. So pretty it must be touched...and then pulled. The baby pulling the hair thinks this is a fun way to enjoy beauty - the baby or mommy whose hair is being pulled does not.

The space in between the slats of their crib and play yard are open and things can be placed through toys. They love to drop toys through the slats of their play yard and think this is fun - mommy thinks it's very messy.

Ry-guy sticking his hand through the play yard to get a toy...

Hands & fingers are attached to us, controlled by us, and fun to watch! They spend a lot of time looking at their fingers, touching them together, watching themselves touch other things. They think this is amazingly interesting - mommy thinks it's adorable.

When eating finger foods, food can be squished between the fingers and then dropped on the floor beside their chair - making a fabulous splat. They think this is a wonderful way to use unwanted food - mommy thinks it's very messy.

One meal's worth of food...a dog would be handy...

The world around is full of objects that seem to be placed there for the sole purpose of allowing baby to pull to a standing position and hold onto. They think this is wonderful and try to do this a all the time. Mommy thinks they are growing up too fast.

Things mommy has discovered:

The more mobility they have, the more they will attempt - and they will get into everything, quickly.

The more ability they have to communicate, the more they will let you know what they really think. Loudly. Often. Usually this has something do to with the food they don't want to eat.

Even when they're cranky and not feeling well, even when you've had babies vying for your arms and attention all day and you're tired, even when daddy is home to help out and you could use the help - there is something delightfully wonderful about your babies reaching for YOU or crawling over to be held by YOU. It really is wonderful to be "Mommy" :)


Anonymous said...

Kim, how awewsome to see Ryan standing!!!! Where did the time go. He's a big boy now! I am just amazed to see him grow up right before my eyes!! Thanks so very, very much for blogging us. Hugs and hugs to those darling sweeties! and hugs and hugs to you for letting us grow with them! Grandma

ldmiller said...

Oh, one of the pictures is Allie :) I should have labeled them. Grandma, you are seriously fast! You commented within minutes of me publishing the post! Props! - Kim

Anonymous said...

I looked all day for a blog because i knew it was coming soon. I went outside to shovel the driveway and come back and it is here; and Grandma beat me again. :) Are you helping them up or are they pulling themselves up. Ry looks like he stood up by himself. I don't see babies anymore and a little part of me is sad. Isn't it wonderful when smiles come on their little faces when mommy comes to them or they get to mommy. Treasure these times they go so so fast. I heard that all my life and didnt' believe it but now when I sit in this house all alone I wonder where the time went? Blogs are the best gift ever except for skype. Thanks Kim. Love, Nana

Kim said...

They pull themselves up (they used to need help, but they're getting better and stronger). I always have a hand nearby to catch them or steady them, but they need it less and less... :(

Anonymous said...

thanks for the text I needed a laugh and seeing your blog and the babies always makes me Happy.
Love you all!GiGi

Melanie said...

I love the little hand coming out of the play yard. So precious to have memories of those little limbs. Thanks for showing a glimpse of your winter wonderland. I, too, LOVE my house all decorated for Christmas. There is just something warm and cozy about it. I have lots of snowmen and decorations that haven't made it out of the box the last couple years because of little fingers. Hopefully next year will be my year. I love the pictures and would LOVE to hold your babies. They are growing up so fast!

Lauren and Jeff said...

I can verify that a dog is VERY handy! We have a mutual agreement with Joey that if it hits the floor, it's fair game for him to eat it.