December 26, 2009

The Babies' FIRST Christmas - Our Day in Photos

Christmas morning before we opened the presents.

The twins start to unwrap - which it turns out they weren't really into...and we ended up unwrapping most of their presents for them!

The stockings were much easier to get into, and they enjoyed finding the goodies in them.

Playing with some of the Christmas loot. The containers of puffs were one of the favorite items...we could have given empty containers and they would have been happy! Other favorites included a cardboard wrapping paper tube!

Ryan laying claim to the saucer sled that daddy bought. Mommy thought it was a little too old for them, but... turns out they LOVE sitting in it while playing with their toys! Way to go, Daddy!

Allie loves the crawl tunnel! I had trouble coaxing her to come out!

The squirty bath toys are a favorite for both...very soothing to teething gums!

After we opened presents (and played a little), we enjoyed a special breakfast.

Babies had toast with a little cream cheese and pureed blueberries. Grown ups had monkey bread!

Then back to playing! They were eyeing each other's toys... we switched them, and that worked...for a while!

Allie discovers she can play with more toys at once if she uses her feet!

Ryan takes a break from reading to chew on a new toy and plan the fun he will have playing with his new goodies!

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! We sure did!


Anonymous said...

They Look so sweet in those green outfits. You did a great job with their individual raindeers. You made such a precious Christmas morning for them. it will be in your memory always. Love you all and glad you had a Merry Christmas . Ours turned out to be a snow storm and stranded at Friend and then in york only 15 miles from home. what a christmaS TO REMEMBER. Gigi and Papa

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are worth a 1000 words! The outfits are so fun and cute, Kim! Yes, it was a Christmas everyone will remember here. As many good memories as not. We did finally get to church this morning for the first time this Christmas. That was so wonderful! I hope that whoever ordered this snow will reconsider asking for more!!!