December 24, 2009


We just read this update on baby R from the mama's facebook:

Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers. I went for the gentics testing today at U of M and unfortunatly there is nothing we can do to help the baby now. I will be going in for Surgery on Monday or Tuesday to take the baby. Our hearts are very heavy but we will get through this!!!! Thank you again everyone ...and please have a very Merry Christmas.

Please, join us in praying for our cousins as they face this difficult loss.


the monkey's mama said...

Oh Kim I'll be praying for your cousin. I'm so sorry to hear that news but am grateful they have you in their lives to encourage and pray for them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kim...every prayer is so important. We need to show Jesse and Rachel how much they are loved and that our hearts are heavy also. Nana