February 20, 2009

So how's Lucas doing?

Hi Folks,

Lucas here. Feeling kinda bored lately. I need things and activities to energize me and preparing for twins, sermons, new jobs, family visits, youth groups, youth retreats, a major parenting seminar, and my usual ministry obligations just don't seem to be enough.

So I have decided to write a book, learn the bassoon, speak French-Canadian, study the potato, run for office..any office, file my taxes and my nails, sweat, think and drink in a dark corner, create a Saturday morning cartoon, grill a steak, design a roller coaster for chickens, parachute into occupied France, shampoo, rinse and repeat, receive my honorary doctorate by being the commencement speaker, work on my mid-range shot, placate angry children, visit a loo, race a loon and ride a lunar module, trace my family tree, build a house of cards, go green, blue or red, move the market (up or down), shuffle my feet (side to side), spread the love (all around), pray, pray, pray and pray some more, and after all that, to simply rest in Him.


Seth said...

Nice message, Lucas! You sound bored with all these things you want to do! :) If you are serious about "going green" I can definitely help you with that! Let me know :)
I hope your sermon went well today, I was praying for you during church. Have fun with Papa Johns and the Oscars. Blessings, Seth

Lauren and Jeff said...

I'm going to translate this as "Lucas is fine" and as sarcastic as ever. :)

Anonymous said...

Lucas...as your mother I can see you haven't changed at all. Waiting impatiently. I wonder who you get that from?? ME or your calm, relaxed, slow moving, let me think about it for weeks FATHER??
I do pray for you often, because your dad told me when I was pregnant and having you 3 kids it was harder on him watching. Yea Right! Hugs, can't wait to come to Boston, suitcase is on floor almost packed, had to get into it from last weeks false alarm. But we will be there asap!! Love MOM