January 02, 2010


My brothers are here! Not only am I really excited to see them, but Matt has never seen the babies, and Nic...well the last time Nic saw the babies (the week after they were born while they were still in the NICU) they looked a little different!
Allie explains to Uncle Matt why he can't have the keys to her car.

Ryan is so excited for someone new to climb on!

They got here late this afternoon, just in time to enjoy a meal with the babies and then have some play time before bed. The babies definitely enjoyed some fresh faces...and Ryan enjoyed fresh arms for some jumping (or a lot of jumping).

Allie loves spending time with her Uncle Matt

Ryan doing his favorite thing - jumping...

We have them here for a whole week, so stay tuned to see some of our adventures (which should include Uncle Matt changing his first diaper!!!)

Ryan & Allie watch a short movie with their uncles to wind down before bed.

Post Note: As I am putting in the pictures before publishing this post I am huddling over my laptop in a dark living room. Why? Because our house is too small. Because the movie DID NOT help the babies wind down and they won't sleep even though they are exhausted. Because all of the rocking in the world doesn't help because even if we get them to sleep tonight is NOT a night where any transfer is successful. Because they are 3 minutes of fussing away from sleep, but those 3 minutes wake up a newly sleeping sibling. Because my brothers are in our room (where the usual spare pack n play is setup for nights like these), so I had to set up an ADDITIONAL pack n play in the office where the Ry guy is currently sleeping (although VERY lightly). Because Lucas is in the babies' room trying to soothe Allie while the boys are huddled in their room trying not to make noise because the only rooms we can put sleeping babies are connected to...every other room we could possibly occupy! Every night is most definitely NOT like this (most are prefectly quiet and we all get as much sleep as we want), but tonight is not one of those nights! Hopefully, Lucas and I will be able to tip-toe into the office and collapse in the spare bed for a few hours of sleep!


Anonymous said...

Kim, Wow! Even though I knew Matt and Nic were going to be there---it was a wonderful surprise to open the blog and there they were!! How awesome! Fun, fun. I can tell that they LIKE those kids!!!! And now they will really miss them, too! I can't wait to see Great-aunt Phyllis on the blog!!! That will melt my heart--she SO VERY, VERY much wants to hug those babies and they will still be babies. They will be running when we see them, but that will be joy, too! God is good, very good!! Your Grandma

Anonymous said...

Oh how I want to be there too. It was good to see the boys have gotten aquainted with their niece and Nephew tho. It warms my heart to see them with them. But it makes me miss the babies more. Have a good week.Gigi and Papa

Anonymous said...

We are home!! Long road trip but very fun. Have fun Uncle Matt and Uncle Nick and we are very happy you made it safely. We were praying for you. Hug those babies for us. Nana & Poppy :)