November 07, 2009

Overflowing with Joy

If asked today to describe the twins in 1 word, I would choose JOYFUL. I don't know whether having the full attention of at least 1 adult all day has made them so happy (and silly), or whether their increased ability to move and subsequent independence has mellowed them out, or if the older the get their natural joyfulness becomes more evident (or all of the above), but the last few days have been marked with smiles and giggles and incredible baby joy. I cannot get enough!
Allie is a wiggle worm. Every minute she's rolling or wiggling (you can imagine how difficult this has made changing her diaper!). She also loves to show her delight with squeals...and shrieks! Poor papa thought he hurt her, when really she was so incredibly tickled by what he was doing. She also is in love with the baby in the mirror (who she very obviously thinks is adorable and funny). Whenever on the changing table (a dresser with an attached mirror) she is squirming every which way to try to get a glimpse of that baby, and then she giggles, preens, and talks to that baby. It is too cute.

Ryan is a jumping bean. His legs are not made for standing or walking, they are for jumping. If you try to stand him upright he will immediately begin jumping - and he has gone for amazingly lengths of time with little breaks. He is a jolly little guy, with a ready laugh for funny faces, peek-a-boo, hellos! He is incredibly talkative (and sometimes I swear he sings), and "dada" has become his favorite thing to say. Particularly when I want him to do something he doesn't want. Smart kid. I also am positive that this morning, when Papa was playing peek-a-boo in the hallway, he squealed and said, "Papa!" It was plain as day, but no one wanted to say for sure that he said it because of the game Papa was playing (but I think he was).

I am reveling in this time. The joy of a baby overflows into the hearts of the people around them. Seriously, have you ever been upset for very long around a baby? Somehow you always end up smiling. The last few days have been marked with an amazing, overflowing joy. How blessed I am to have 2 remarkably happy babies.
Thankful For:
My Parents here while Lucas is gone. I couldn't survive without their help!
Modern technology: Today I talked & texted with both brothers, saw pictures of my cousins twins on facebook & on my phone, saw my other cousins new family pics on her blog, and texted with my aunt in OK. Technology allows me to be so connected to family even though we are so far away.
The Bundle Me's: which have already made late afternoon walks possible and enjoyable (it gets dark and colder so early these days).
A rearranged living room. We now have more play space for the twins! It is so awesome! It was great to have my parents' help so I finally had enough energy to do it!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Babies in Red!! Am I prejedice or are they the most adorable babies in the world. I look at them and Harper and I say "God you have blessed me beyond measure". I always wanted lots of grandkids and now I know why. Nana in MI
Countdown...2 DAYS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kim, the reason your babies are so joyful is that they mirror you!! It's a beautiful circle. Today I am thankful for our Scripture study. We had a challenging lesson and came up with a lot of thoughtful and inspiring thoughts involving many other verses in the Bible. It was invigorating! I just love our group. They are so faithful. It was a joy. Love always, Your Grandma