November 05, 2009

A Little Christmas before Thanksgiving

Since my parents are here now, and they will miss the baby's first Christmas, we decided to celebrate Christmas during this visit. I know, I know...Idon't like Christmas before Thanksgiving...but we're going to celebrate Thanksgiving while they are here as well, so it's just a double dose of both holidays!


To try to make it really feel like Christmas we started the morning with monkey bread - which I think might be my favorite food! This is Lucas and my traditional Christmas morning breakfast. We also had a special dinner (roast, potatoes, rolls, corn, and cookies). It wasn't "traditional" Christmas dinner, but it was more effort than I usually put into a meal!


Really the presents were for the babies - and, as you can tell, the grandparents went all out for their first grandchildrens' first Christmas! Allie & Ryan enjoyed opening the presents (mostly because they wanted to eat the wrapping paper). They were curious about the new toys. They were delighted with all the attention! They've grown accustomed to the camera, and seemed to enjoy having their personal paparazzi to catch their "Christmas" moments!


The highlight for mommy: a play yard! Once set up, it is a safe place I can leave the babies when I am warming bottles (or changing/bathing a baby after a blowout!) and not have to worry about them crawling under beds, or sticking their fingers in light sockets. Now that they are moving more and faster this will be a sanity saver (as you may know after the "Oh, What a Night" post)!

The babies' fav: I would LOVE for it to be the Bop & Wobble Penguin...but it seems to be the box for their sit & stand toys. After everything was over, and there was so much to play with, Ryan spent about 15 minutes smiling at and talking to the babies on the box. And later Allie kept reaching out to touch the little girl on the box. Isn't that the way it is!

Things I am thankful for:

Long naps. Yesterday, I think the twins were hyper because Papa & Gigi were here and I couldn't get a decent nap out of them. Thankfully, they took 2 LONG naps today. And Papa took part of one of those naps with Allie - I tried to get a picture, but my camera froze and they woke up :(

How much the babies already love their Papa & Gigi. And I know they will love Papi & Nana when they see them too. I honestly think they remember them from September! It is amazing how attached I can already see they are. It is also cute to see how they show off to get their attention. It is so wonderful to see them bond so well with family when we live so far away.

God's gift of His Son. It's not really Christmas, but I can't help but think about the first Christmas morning...and the little baby who would pay the ultimate price for our salvation. There is something about having your own baby that adds a new depth to the Christmas story.


Anonymous said...

Ok I'm just going to say it (jealous)...."I wanted to be there so bad looking at this blog. We ached to be there with everyone. This Stinks! But look at the fun they had. Love, Love, the picture of them with all the presents. How fun! And Ryan starring at the penguin, precious. And Allie so serious like always trying to figure out the toys. The towels are way too cute. KIM, you have your play yard!! Gigi and Papa you are the GREATEST!! We want to go shopping right now, I'm in the mood. :) We love you all...Nana & Poppy in stupid MICHIGAN

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful world it would be if everyone understood what Christ did on the cross for us and that was the reason for his birth. It should bring everyone to their knees with a thankfulness beyond measure. It is such an easy gift to accept. Every Christmas morning I used to look outside after we opened gifts and there was always a peaceful difference in that morning. I even remember that as a child. It totally is an inspiring feeling. I think that is how it was when the baby Jesus was born.

Anonymous said...

I'm not ashamed to claim that last post, I just forgot to sign my name. Your blogs have been a gift to us this year Kim and we thank you so much. Nana

Anonymous said...

I am here with Jake enjoying the photo's of the first Christmas with our folks and the twins. It looks like you had a wonderful time. This will be a joyous season for your family this year now that you have the babies. Treasure all the moments while their small and innocent, they will pass all to soon.
love to all
aunt darleen

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, I'm with Nana in 'stupid Michigan'!!!! How I want to hug those babies and long for a relationship. Your blogs are such a joy beyond words!! I am so very, very happy for your Mom and Dad to have this blessed time and know how much they long to be there every day, too. And like you, every day is Christmas with Jesus!! He came to live within us!
Life is good. Love your NE Grandma
Hugs to Lucas and the babes.

Lauren and Jeff said...

We have to stay in Indiana for Christmas this year, so we are also having an early Christmas (Thanksgiving weekend) with Jeff's parents. I'm actually kind of excited to have two christmases this year! Glad your first Christmas of the season turned out fun and memorable.