November 22, 2009

Our Wonderful Weekend

As you know, we are serious about college football in our house. Game day is for wearing your team's colors, and watching your team (hopefully) win.
This Saturday was a big game for us - Allie & Ryan's first Michigan vs. Ohio State game. Ryan and Allie donned their Maize & Blue, cheered for their team, and played with the football to get in the spirit...

(fought over the football is more like it - if Allie had the football, Ryan cried...

...and if Ryan had the football, Allie tried to take it away from him).

Unfortunately, Michigan was not the victor in this year's game (a crushing blow for daddy). However, Nebraska also played, and they played well. The Huskers were victorious in their game (and we were thankful that 1 of our teams won).

I also discovered the ONE thing that Ryan refuses to eat (Allie is not a fan either, but she's always been a little pickier). Please, remember, hand sanitizer - while potentially dangerous and seriously yucky - is something he happily sucks down...earrings are apparently a delicacy...anything that looks like food is promptly placed in his mouth. However,
chicken is a no go.

To their credit, ground/pureed chicken does lose some of the appeal. However, I have tried serving it several different ways - mixed w veggies, mixed with peas and a dash of garlic (please note: I tried this concoction and thought it was yummy), and mixed with applesauce and some cinnamon.

They will eat the applesauce/cinnamon mixture...but they make their opinion clear with immediate protests, and they stubbornly refuse to make their usual yummy noises. At least they have, on a consistent basis, willingly eaten all veggies. I'm thankful that they don't resist this usually difficult food category.

Sunday we went to church and for the first time stayed in the sanctuary for most of the service! We have always gone in for the music, but we felt emboldened by our experience last week (the church we visited was having their first service in a new location - a theatre - and didn't really have their nursery up and running, so we took the babies into the service!), and stayed in the sanctuary for the first half of the service. They did really well. In fact, a few people commented on how well they did. Yay!

Sunday was an AWFUL nap day. It is usually a rough day as far as naps go, but today was especially bad. And after crying for roughly 45 minutes (I was home alone and could not successfully soothe 2 babies, so I had to let them cry) they fell asleep! And then our upstairs neighbor started vacuuming...I don't know if you know what a vacuum sounds like on hardwood floors above your head, but, needless to say, the nap didn't last long. So daddy decided to take them for a walk (he was home by this point). It was cold so we got to use our Bundle Me's! They kept the babies super cozy during their walk, and everyone was happier when they got home!

I'm thankful for:


Our play yard, which we put them in for the first time. They loved it!

But I think we're going to have to break out the extensions, because when they try crawling they fill it up pretty well...

My wonderful husband, who plays so naturally with his children, helps out with the housework without fail, and is my encouragement and support when I feel like I'm failing.

Being almost finished with the laundry. We made a big push. We thought we would finish. And then we hit a wall...

A fun pizza (from Papa Johns which now delivers to our area!!!) and game night with good friends - even if Lucas won both games of Settlers...

Did I mention that the Huskers won?


A wonderful time of coorporate worship

Allie crawling forward and Ryan clapping!

My friend's blog ( where I linked to a few other blogs ( & that inspired and re-energized me.

The dark chocolate and magazine the babies (via daddy) brought me. My 2 favorite indulgences to help me unwind from a somewhat stressful day.

Play-time with the babies before bed. They wanted to practice crawling and we seriously had so much fun! It was a great end to a tear-filled day!

Ryan's favorite "bear crawl" position.

Allie loves practicing her crawling form!


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures. I wouldn't like chicken and peas together either. yucky!!!! I especially like the one of Lucas playing in the play yard with the twins. Looks like fun. I hope you get some rest and relaxing time soon Kim you sound tired out.
We hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving this week.
love you all
aunt darleen and uncle pat

Anonymous said...

MICHIGAN LOST... and Nana and Poppy forgot to watch the game. We also have been so busy catching up from all the weddings and doings. Trying to get ready for the Holidays, cutting up the venison, which we had for supper tonight. yummy yummy. I think Ryan will like chicken when he has it with gleasons. :) Maybe that's what he is waiting for, just like his daddy. Hugs, Kisses, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all if we are gone and don't have computer time, I will tell you that now. We will be calling you anyway. NANA
Did I beat Grandma this time :)
We love you great Grandma Ryan and can't wait to see you again.

Lauren and Jeff said...

Morgan shied away from meats for a long time, too. I'm impressed with your many, varied attempts at enticing the twins, though. Very creative to try adding a little garlic!

Anonymous said...

Yes, NANA you beat me!! I think you are the winner hands down! I think the photos just can't get any better and then you outdo yourself again, Kim! Such delight. So fun to see the kids getting into their crawling. Through your pictures we can watch the babies grow day by day. It blesses our souls!! Our kitchen wall is papered with their darling faces!! We love you all. NE Grandma and Grandpa. We love you precious Allie and Ryan, Great-grandma and Great-grandpa

Kim said...

I must confess that I love garlic, and eat it a lot. And they say that the foods you eat when your pregnant and nursing they will develop a taste for. So I was hoping that the garlic would be a familiar flavor. It didn't work. The last few days they have really come around to the applesauce & cinnamon mixture though...they hardly make any faces!

Anonymous said...

Kim,I soak up the pictures often until new ones are up (and then go back!) Allie and Ryan REALLY look alike!! When I was in DC visiting Jon he had a friend that had twin boys. At 9 months one had coal black hair and looked 18 months old and the other had bright red hair and looked 6 months! It seemed unreal to me--such extreme differences! Did you know that scientists are finding people who are their own twin and have 2 separate DNA's within different organs, etc? Fascinating! I've always loved to learn about multiple births! Blessed Thanksgiving, Grandma

the monkey's mama said...

AHHH! I cannot believe how BIG and mature they look in this post! Soooo adorable, too.

By the way, Catherine is totally unpicky and she abhors chicken, too. Though, we did give her some dark meat from the turkey today (disguised under some cranberries) and she wolfed that down!