November 09, 2009

Good Times

We have had a fabulous time with my parents, and it is sad to see it quickly coming to an end. The babies are rapidly developing and changing in super fun ways, and it has been great for my parents to be here and see it first hand! I think my daily thankfuls will fill you in:

Shopping after church. I had virtually nothing to wear to the wedding (I say virtually because I do have 1 pair of pinstrip pants, and could have found something in my closet to go with, but I wear these pants EVERY Sunday to church, and so they are starting to look a little worn), and the twins needed winter coats. Papa stayed with the babies (driving while they slept, feeding them when they woke up, and entertaining them when they got tired of their car seats). Good news - we found everything we were looking for in record time. Allie's coat is technically a boy coat, but I think she can rock the look. More good news, Papa shared some sweet moments with the babies (like holding them both in his lap and Allie reaching over to gently stroke her brother's head. So sweet).

Walking with Kim. Granted, the twins seem to not be big fans of our loop around the Charles. My theory is the lack of cars to watch (since they were quiet whenever we were near the street). My dad and I ended up each holding a baby while Kim pushed the empty stroller (yes, the cries were that heart-wrenching!). Oh, well, we burned some extra calories and worked out our arms as well!

Lucas came home! Lucas got back from the Senior High Youth Retreat. He was tired. He was sick. But he was home! The babies were super excited to see him.

The people at Lactation Care. At the risk of TMI... I found out last Tuesday that the insurance provider the church recently switched to did not cover the pump I've been using - and to pay privately costs a little over $100 a month! I've used the pump solely to feed the babies, so this was a bit of a blow (the reason I had a grumpy day and needed brownies last Tuesday). However, I have a friend at church who's mother runs Lactation Care from her home. I called them and they were able to rent me the same pump 65% less per month! This literally made my day.

Thanksgiving. We celebrated a modified Thanksgiving with my parents (turkey cutlets instead of a big turkey, cranberry juice instead of cranberry sauce, etc.). It was wonderful to share a nice meal together, and to remind us how thankful we are for this time together.
Mobile Babies. OK, Allie got up on all fours and moved forward today (not far, and then she faceplanted and cried...). Also, they are incredibly quick going backwards. Not only have I had to chase them down, but they have a knack for finding the dustiest spots on the floor. I don't know wether to be mortified that I have such dusty babies, or thankful that the floors are getting cleaned!

The dryer isn't dead! I waited to do all of our laundry until the last night of my parents' visit (rookie mistake). I had a lot. 1 load in the dryer died. It wouldn't start. I tried, my mom tried, my dad tried - nothing. We started thinking of backup plans. I couldn't believe this was happening. Then Lucas gets home, goes down, and says, "so if I do this nothing will happen?" He presses the start button and the machine buzzes to life. Don't know why the machine loves Lucas, but I was so thankful it wasn't dead!
Head Start on Packing. We're under 36 hours away from our departure, and since this is the last night of my parents' visit I needed to get some packing accomplished (part of the reason they were coming at this time - to help with babies so I could pack). I didn't get as much accomplished as I had originally envisioned, but I got a good start, and know I won't be so stressed Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Kim,so awesome to see how much the kids are growing and how much fun your Mom and Dad had with them. They are going to be very sad and will miss them terribly, terribly!!! Such wonderful pictures and capturing of the memories!! Even though they don't know us, from you wonderful blogs we know them. Thanks so much, Love to all, Grandma and Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Ok Giggi and Papa Ryan...there is alot of RED in these pictures and those smiles are very noticeable? I think Christmas came early for you guys. A week with the twins and Kim all by yourself is a gift itself. Glad you had a wonderful time. Nana in MI

Lauren and Jeff said...

I disagree that waiting to do the laundry until the last night is a rookie mistake. I think it's perfect planning on your part. When our family visits we rarely do chores, even though it would be a good time to knock them out because Morgan is occupied. The problem is Morgan's not the only one who needs time with the family, we do, too. It would be a shame if your blog listed all of the chores you got done while your parents were visiting instead of all of these wonderful stories about playing together and hanging out as a family. The joy of watching your parents play with their happy grandbabies far outweighs the benefits of getting a few loads of laundry done any day.

lil miss' mama said...

I love seeing Allie in the clippies and bands!! they are such cuties!