November 19, 2009

At home and Abroad

I know that my chronicling of Logan & Mindy's wedding is getting long. Please, bear with me. It's just that the twins did some incredible/adorable things while we were there, and since a big part of the reason I blog is to have a virtual baby book, I want to include these things.

Almost there:
While we were there Allie put one knee in front of the other! She didn't move her hands at all, and she ended up moving the knee back because otherwise she would have faceplanted (again). But she's getting there. She's really figuring it out. Ryan prefers to get up on his hands and toes...I think he will bear crawl before the traditional hands and knees crawl!

The Big Screen:
Logan and Mindy have a giant tv in their basement (giant compared to ours for sure). One afternoon I needed to clip the babies nails, and we were home alone, so I put on Baby Mozart (because they stay still long enough for me to clip the nails). They have never seen their favorite movie on such a large screen before and Ryan kept reaching out to try to grab his favorite characters (like you would see someone do at a 3D movie). It was stinkin' cute!

Twice the Giggles:
I'm standing in the kitchen when Lucas comes to me and says, "Babies are awake from their nap." I pause and listen and realize that I don't hear the usual babbling - I hear giggles. Peals of giggles. "What on earth is making them giggle like that?" I ask. We go down and peek in. They were sleeping in pack n plays that were side by side with about 2 feet in between. They had both turned sideways (facing each other) and were making each other giggle. Ryan would scratch on the mesh and she would giggle. She would make a squelaing noise and he would giggle. It was one of those moments that I really wished I had our video camera (but we left it at home).

Playing outside today. They just crack each other up!

Since I've been taking so much time to chronicle the wedding, I wanted to also throw in some things since we've been I don't forget!

The babies love teething biscuits. But they take very different approaches to eating them. Allie gingerly nibbles on a corner at a time. Occassionally chewing on a little more, but for the most part she eats hers slowly and methodically. Ryan shoves as much as he can in his mouth (usually about half before he chokes) and sucks until it falls apart and then he can shove the rest in. I often have to pull it out and break up pieces to keep him from choking. In fact last night I broke up a chunk into 2 pieces, and looked over to make sure Allie was doing ok (she was - so dainty!). When I looked back there was Ryan with the rest of the teething biscuit shoved in his mouth (about a 3rd of it was hanging out) and a piece in each fist (trying to figure out how to get them in too)!

So much mess, but so much fun!

Yesterday Ryan sang (yes sang) "dada" all day. He played on the floor singing "dada, dada,", he woke up from his nap singing "dada,dada," in between bites he sang "dada, dada." I was starting to feel a little left out until Allie chimed in. Every time he sang "dada, dada" she would yell "mama, mama!"

I'm thankful for (skipping Saturday, Sunday & Monday as I will fill you in on those with future posts...sorry to jump all around):

Getting all of our bags completely unpacked within 24 hours of getting home! Now to start the mountains of laundry...

A husband who cleans up the pumpkins I forgot to throw out before we left (and which are now completely caved in and leaking rivers of rotting pumpkin juice) without grumbling.

That I can watch programs, that were recorded on the dvr, while I unpack, delete them, and have the feeling that I'm "cleaning out" something!

The dryer is still going (despite the unending loads of laundry I keep feeding into it). In fact, the vacation seemed to do it some good!

That Lucas was home in the evening (when he thought he would be gone) so we could do an impromptu bath night after giving the twins teething biscuits (see the teething biscuit photos above to know why a bath night was desperately needed!).

Going to bed early. I have NOT been getting enough sleep, and I was starting to drag. I would have happily gone to bed at 7:30...but 9:30 was good enough!


Anonymous said...

There is nothing cuter than babies in hats and mittens!!! I look at this and I'm ready to pack. We will have fun and it will be just that much harder to say goodbye again. I bet you loved the Mama and DaDa Song they sang to you. How precious. I'm wrapping Christmas Presents today and just remembering how I couldn't wait until I had grandbabies to buy for, and now here they are :) NANA

Anonymous said...

What an sweet picture of them outside playing. I love the one of Allie with her cookie, sure looks like she enjoyed it.
hugs and kisses
aunt darleen