November 21, 2009

Catching Up

OK, my goal is to get us caught back up the the present, and so I'm only going to do the thankfuls...but because I've done Tuesday & Wednesday, I'm going to jump aroud. Be patient, once caught up to the present I will jump around a LOT less!


The chance to go to a church in the Lansing area that was started by one of Lucas' former pastors. It was a wonderful time of worship, and a great opportunity to see old friends (another of Lucas' close friends from high school and his wife joined us for church). It was fun for me to meet a man that Lucas credits having a large impact on his spiritual formation (and his ministry). The only bummer was Ryan's blowout before the service...and me forgetting a change of clothes...

Quick goodbyes. I was dreading the goodbyes, but every single goodbye was almost a surprise. Loralee & Grant decided to leave when we left for church, so that was quick. Logan had to run errands and we needed to leave before he would be back - surprise. Dan & Denise hadn't decided if they were going to travel partway with us or not, and the babies were loaded up before the decision was made, so surprise. I never had the opportunity to truly anticipate and dread the goodbye, and they were super quick. It made them a tiny bit easier.

On the way home Lucas and I took a trip down memory lane and visited a place that is very near and dear to our hearts - and was a cornerstone in the foundation of our relationship. It was heartwarming to see familiar landmarks, and fun to tell the babies that this was, in a way, where they began.


Not having to go through Canada. We went down and around on the way home, and it was great not to have to do the border crossing. In the lines, waiting, was always where the babies lost it the most. It was nice not to have those meltdowns.

Great music while I was driving. Sounds silly, but it helped the time go by so much faster! The first time I drove I found a great radio station that played not only contemporary gems, but classic songs from when I was in college, high school, and jr. high! It was so fun to take a trip down musical memory lane. There wasn't a single song that I didn't want to sing along with (but I didn't because everyone was sleeping). The second time I drove I revived my love of Brandi Carlisle and Carbon Leaf. Now that I don't drive 1 1/2 hrs. every day, my cd collection has long been neglected, and it was fun to pull out some of my favorites.

A safe trip home. We made it, safely! Hooray! And now it's time to put the car seats out of sight and just stay home for a while!


A beautiful day and time outside with the babies. They are getting so inqusitive and interactive. This is such a fun stage! This is also where all of the pictures came from. My favorites are: neither of them looking, Allie giggling, and Ryan flashing the peace sign!

A productive day (slowly chipping away at the overwhelming mountain of laundry and finally getting groceries so we have grown up food in the house - which is good because the frozen cubes of pureed peas were starting to look enticing!)

An evening watching funny tv with my husband. It's so good to have something to laugh at and someone to laugh with!

Lucas home in the morning so I could get some things accomplished - although not laundry because we accidentally got fabric softener instead of detergent!

Flu shots for the twins. Yes, I broke down and got the flu shots. Partly because the 3 weeks of sick babies after we returned from MI the first time was hard. I was seriously near a breakdown when they finally started getting better. I felt the need for some sort of reinforcement. Also, hearing someone say, "I was in the hospital this past week for H1N1," after they had been holding Ryan for 5 or so minutes made me realize that, for some reason, common sense and rational thinking goes out the window with babies. It's too hard for 1 mama to protect 2 babies. People always want to help and hold them, and they will do it even if they probably shouldn't. So, I decided that a flu shot was really the best option to have in my arsenal to protect them. It was not an easy decision (I cried in the parking lot after afraid that I gave in too easily and gave them something they didn't really need), but they took the flu shots well (it even sounded like Ryan told the Pedi "thank you" just before we left!), and while they've been mildly fussy, they haven't had any real reaction to it.

A VERY Productive evening. Our home is starting to look like our home again and less like a place where our suitcases threw up!

And now we're all caught up!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, I'm the first one here this time. I beat NANA! She keeps on top of things! Oh, the pictures of the twins are awesome!! You are such a precious Mom, Kim--such blessed babies!! Thanks so much for the blogs as it does make us feel like we are there! (Minus the hugs, of course!) However, it feels like a spiritual hug every time! Love and prayers always, Grandma

Anonymous said...

Grandma you beat me ;( haha, i'm with you these blogs are the highlight of my life. Those hats and mittens are the sweetest and look at Allie up on her knees. Ryan giving the peace sign and always laughing. We are so so blessed. Kim's story writing beyond our expectations, its like a novel that never ends. Luv it!! 2nd place Nana...Grandma you must be due for a Boston trip again soon??

Anonymous said...

Yes, NANA, we are due for a trip to see our precious great-grandbabies!!! I'm thinking maybe February if that works out with Kim and Lucas. The good thing is that a bit of the families get there fairly often so we're waiting for a break in the visits. Yes, What a wonderful book Kim's blog will be! Allie and Ryan will love it when they get older! Just as we love it now! Kim's Grandma

the monkey's mama said...

okay i have loads and loads of present day catchup to do on my Cutie Face blog...thanks for inspiring me.

And, I was laughing so hard at a memory that we all share that i started a coughing attack...anyway, lets just say that i'm glad you had great music that didn't cause distraction in the form of a two-hour detour from Michigan on the way back to Boston :-p Ahh too funny!