November 17, 2009

Logan's Wedding: Part 2

The best part about weddings (aside from 2 people pledging in front of God & witnesses to spend the rest of their lives together, etc.) is seeing family & friends, which is exactly what we did. Thursday morning we hung out with Mindy & Harper...and then Logan and Harper...until Papi & Nana arrived. They were in 7th Heaven to have their grandchildren all together again (this time with the addition of Jack - the first grandchild). Shortly after, Loralee arrived (or Lala, as we have started calling her).
Cousins playing in their exersaucers.

Allie & her uncle Logan (she had been smiling up at him, but I didn't get the camera there in time to catch it...)

Ry-guy (wearing daddy's hat) with one of his favorite girls.

It was a very relaxed, enjoyable day hanging out, playing with babies, and enjoying each other. In fact, it almost didn't feel like a wedding was happening. I have never been with the bride (or groom for that matter) so close to a wedding and not been doing a frenzy of wedding activities, but that evening I watched, literally, hours of The Office with Logan (reruns and then the new one), and watched Mindy make some adorable headbands for the girls to wear to the wedding (Allie & Harper).

Happy Grandparents!

Friday wasn't much different. We had a relaxed morning, a "Miller Girls Afternoon Out" (which I will tell about in more detail in the next post), and then a fun afternoon playing in the lovely weather outside (where Allie almost tackled Lala...almost).

Allie playing football with Papi & Lala

Allie hugs Lala after the game!
Friday evening was the rehearsal dinner, and since I wasn't in the wedding and didn't have to be at the dinner, I signed up for baby duty. That's right. Me. Alone. With 3 babies. Actually, I had a friend from Hillsdale who was coming to visit, and would have been there to help me, but didn't make it there on time. It was a little hairy at first (Ryan wasn't thrilled to be sharing me. His sister is one thing, apparently his cousin Harper is another). I ended up almost literally juggling babies - holding 2 while the 3rd (Allie or Ryan - since they can hold their own bottle) laid in their boppy. I rotated them out (Allie & Ryan - since Harper cannot hold her own bottle) to be fair. Then I read the bedtime story, sang the bedtime songs, put my babies to bed, and took Harper upstairs for a bath.

So much commotion - 6 adults, 2 other babies, 1 dog...and Ryan played quietly on the floor!

Sweet Harper

I loved having Harper all to myself for some auntie/niece bonding time. She was SO SWEET while I was giving her a bath. It was a surprise, however, how different it is to give a bath to a baby with hair! I started washing and I had to actually do a little work!

Hillsdale Homecoming '06. Michelle is on the far right.
Couldn't find where I saved the pics from the Boston trip...

Just as I was putting Harper down Michelle arrived, and I enjoyed a fabulous evening catching up with a dear friend. We hadn't seen each other since her trip to Boston a little over 2 years ago! I got to see pictures of her missions trips the last 2 summers, and we caught each other up on the lives of mutual friends we talk to. We reminisced and talked about reunions we'd like to have. We relived the glory days of college and the fun we had together in SAI. It was such a great time. It was too soon before she had to leave to make the drive home, and everyone had to go to bed to get ready for the Big Day!


Anonymous said...

Love the blogs, reminds us of all the fun among the confusion. Can't wait to see the Miller/Mavity girls day out!!! Toes, paint, decisions, bossy little man, etc. etc. etc. What fun!!! Nana

Anonymous said...

What a great blog. Looks like the family had a great time together at Logan & Mindy's. The twins are sure growing. Everytime I see them what a change. Can't wait for the next blog. Keep up the great work.
It was great seeing you all at the wedding.
Love aunt darleen