November 18, 2009

Logan's Wedding: Part 3

The Girls

Mindy had contacted us before the wedding and said she wanted to have an afternoon with the Miller/Mavity Girls getting pedicures. I was hesitant because I have never had a real pedicure before, and I have a goofy toenail. I discovered that every one of us had something goofy about our feet, and the people who work there didn't seem to care. The only thing they did mention - my white legs! You can see in the picture that I glow next to everyone else. It's ok. I embrace the irridescent whiteness of my skin - mostly because I have no choice.

Before. Feel free to admire the beautiful ring!

We had a really fun time getting pampered (they don't just do the toenails, the massage your legs up to the knee!). And I can honestly say my feet have never looked better. The only problem is that they've been freezing ever since I got home because I can't bear to wear socks, but hardwood is cold!

Can you fan your feet out til they form a straight line?

We got a little goofy toward the end. It really started when we decided to get a picture of all of our feet. Mindy was still getting her nails done (hands), so we were sort of waddling around the place, in the thin foam flip flops, laughing and being goofy. It escalated when Loralee got yelled at for putting on her shoes and messing up the jewels that had been put on her big toe (she said it was ok. He made her sit down and let him fix it - and then she had to stay put until it was dry!). At one point I wondered if our goofiness might give Mindy second thoughts about joining the family. Thankfully, it didn't!

Loralee after getting in trouble for putting her shoes on and messing up the jewels.

The guy fixing Loralee's "ruined" nail.

The finished product. Perfection.

Note: they were all messed up when we got home. Shhh...don't tell the guy!

After we were all dry, we went for lunch, and then returned to the reality that is the day before the wedding! But it was a really fun afternoon out!


Our finished feet

Mindy (far left), Loralee (top), Denise (far right), and me (bottom)

I am thankful for:


Fun time with family

Arbys (which you cannot find in Mass)

A creative/crafty new sister-friend who inspires me to just try creating.


A fun afternoon with the girls

That I am learning how to better use my amazing camera to take better pictures (hopefully)

3 angel babies who made the 3:1 ratio doable

Good friends - the kind where you can go without seeing them for a while and pick up right where you left off


Anonymous said...

such beautiful toes, such ugly toe nails. :) I think I might do that again. Nana

Anonymous said...

Kim, Oh yes, aren't pedicures wonderful!!!! I treat myself every once in awhile. Love those vibrating chairs and water!! I have to keep looking at my beautiful nails, too. I went to a new place close by and it wasn't very good light. When I went out in the sun my toenails were bright yellow!! So bad that I had to take it off and redo them! It had looked peachy in the room. Grandma

Kim said...

That's too funny about the bright yellow toes! I'm too indecisive, so I made Loralee pick my color! I think she did a great job!