November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

It does not seem like that long since I started the 30 days of Thankfulness...but somehow we've made it through 26 days, and THE Thankful day is here!

I have to say that I LOVE making the Thanksgiving meal. At one point I was singing along with the radio and cutting sweet potatoes, and paused and suddenly realized how extremely happy I was, and how much fun I was having. Part of the fun I had this year was making up a recipe for Sweet Potato Casserole. I couldn't find one (in cookbooks or online) that I liked, so I made it up myself. I really got a kick out of the experiment! I just really enjoy cooking (and having people over). I did get a little nervous after talking with a few other people though. They made the meal sound like it is difficult and something to be feared...and I started to wonder if I wasn't sufficiently afraid, and if my lack of fear would affect the quality of the meal. Thankfully, it didn't! I think you can't really be afraid of something you truly enojy... I also super enjoyed the wonderful smells of everything baking and watching the parade (yes, we let the babies watch. It is Thanksgiving! It's a tradition. They didn't seem much interested though...).

Every year since we've lived in Mass, our friends (Seth & Cari) from seminary have joined us for Thanksgiving. The tradition started at seminary with other seminary couples, but since we both stayed in the area, it has continued. They are basically our family out here. We definitely look forward to seeing them each year.

Since Lucas was busy (trying to rock Ryan back to sleep after a non-existent nap), and she is fearless, Cari carved the turkey this year! We tried to convince the guys it was a role reversal Thanksgiving (and that they had to do this dishes). It didn't work. We had a yummy meal (with Ry-guy nearby in the exersaucer because he refused to go back to sleep...his sister joined him shortly after). The sweet potato casserole was good (although, not great...I'll have to tweak the recipe for next year!).

After we ate, the babies had their first taste of turkey (mixed with Sweet Potato).

It went over better than chicken...

After we ate we participated in another time honored tradition - a walk to the park.

The guys toss around the football (and talk) while the girsl go the the playground to walk around the track (and talk).

When we got back we joined another couple from seminary (who used to join us for Thanksgiving) via skype! How fun it is to live in a time where modern technology can bring people together from hundreds of miles apart!

Ryan & Allie with Seth & Cari, wearing the "I'm Stuffed" bibs that Seth & Cari got for them.

After the babies were in bed, the dishes were done, and we were filled with pie we pulled out a new game that Lucas and I hadn't had a chance to play yet (Carcassonne). It is a really fun game (of the addictive variety of Settlers), and I could have seen us getting sucked into hours of playing if Seth and Cari hadn't had to drive home.

I am Thankful For:

Dear friends and friendships that span years, miles, and seasons of life

Family - immediate and extended. We are so blessed by the people God placed in our life as our family. We love you so much!

God's grace - given freely and covering all my imperfections

2 sweet babies

1 wonderful husband (who loves me despite all my idiosyncracies - especially those that are germaphobic in nature!)

God is good. Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, I just commented on the last one and went to look at the pictures again and here you are again!! Fun! Fun! I agree, modern technology is something to really thank God for. It's the only thing that makes us feel connected to those darling sweeties, you and Lucas. Think of the pioneer days when there weren't even phones! We are blessed! Life is good, G-Grandma

Lauren and Jeff said...

So you're looking for a good sweet potato recipe, huh? Mine is a family favorite ("Uncle" Dave starts requesting it around Labor Day every year) and if you're interested I'll send it your way.

By the way, why haven't we ever skyped?

Kim said...

I would LOVE to try your sweet potato recipe! And we probably haven't skyped because we didn't know you had it, but now that we know...

Lauren and Jeff said...

I'll send you the recipe sometime this week. And maybe we can figure out a good time to skype soon!