November 29, 2009

30 ThankFULL days

It's hard to believe that we're at the end of November already! I haven't posted since Thanksgiving because 1) we're in the "after holiday lull" 2) these days have been really difficult days. The babies have been incredibly fussy since Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving day they were joyful angels - happy and perfect). So, I haven't wanted to post about these days because I would love for bloggy world to think we're perfect all the time. BUT, I know how helpful it is for me to hear from other moms their struggles to know I'm not alone (therefor, I should share mine to theoretically help someone else), and often other moms have helpful advice.

Neither one has really had any symptoms of sickness. They've felt a little warmer than usual, but their temperatures have hovered in their normal range (and I've been taking their temperatures fairly often...which adds to the grumpiness!). So I feel like I can rule that out. My 2 best theories right now are:

1) They are tired from all of the new things they are learning. They are in an incredible phase of development right now. Not only are they learning to crawl, but their understanding and communication is taking off (they respond to what I say by doing what I say or grunting...sometimes I even understand their grunts!), and they are becoming more aware of their control over their bodies and the things they can do that they see us do (such as manipulating and picking up a ball). I can tell they are getting exhausted after shorter periods. Today they took 3 naps!

2) They are teething. I have no strong evidence to support this except their gums look...different. A little swolen? The main reason I feel like it's teething is that they are suddenly constantly making faces where they show their gums (which they are constantly trying to bite together). They also are drooling like crazy, and calm down once they find something soothing to chew on (it's just that it isn't always the same thing that they find soothing and things often don't soothe for long).

On top of this...Allie has been waking up around 4:45 am every day. Once upon a time we had them on the most beautiful 7-7 schedule, but daylight savings combined with travel completely threw them off. Now, all of the books say not to go in and get them and they will start sleeping longer. The problem is that she wakes up LOUD. Not necessarily crying, it's just that her favorite noise to make right now is anything loud (singer? actress? public speaker? she has the projection for all three!). And, the last few mornings she has awakened the neighbors (1 morning I heard them grumbling...this morning they banged on their floor - our ceiling). So, I don't have much of a choice but to get her...and I'm afraid I'll be getting up before 5 forever!

The fussiness combined with my lack of sleep has been a rough combination and that has led to our rough days. However, the last few days I've been very thankful for:

Some great deals I found through a little black Friday shopping (VERY little. I hate black Friday shopping. People are mean), and craigslist. I've only spent half of our Christmas budget, but I have a lot to show for it!

The time Lucas has been home. Because of the holiday, he's been around a little more. It's been so helpful. I'm dreading returning to a regular week!

Funny moments amidst the chaos. Moments like:

Ryan hopping. He doesn't seem interested in normal crawling (he could do it...he just doesn't seem to want to). He either gets up on his hands and toes (which seems like a much more difficult position to crawl in) or he rocks on his hands and knees and launches himself forward. It looks like he's hopping like a frog. He's practiced enough that he's gotten really good at catching himself, and this seems to be his new favorite way of moving forward...

Allie shhh-ing me. She woke up early from a nap the other day. Ryan had taken a while to fall asleep, and I wanted him to get a decent nap which meant I needed her to go back to sleep to keep them synchronized. I went in to rock her and was ssshhhhh-ing as we rocked (which usually helps her fall asleep). She wasn't interested in sleeping, and she reached up and put her hand over my mouth! I was so surprised at the sudden halt of my shushing that I must have made a face because she started giggling...and then I started giggling!

Ryan giggling at the jungle animals on his sheets (this has been common the last few days after naptime - they are apparently great company!).

Allie leaning forward to kiss the baby in the mirror (she just loves that baby so much!)

That these days will be few. I am fairly certain, based on past experience, that these fussy days won't last. In fact, based on past experience, they probably won't last long. But it is amazing the eternity that they feel like when I'm in the middle of them! I pray that I will be able to see past the difficulties and enjoy the incredible moments (like watching them learn to crawl!).

Note: I wrote this post last night (Sunday) after a very difficult day. Today (Monday) has been different. Allie slept until 5:30 am (Hallelujah!), and both babies have been super happy all day...I'm not banking on the fussy days being over, but this has been a refreshing change!


Anonymous said...

I think maybe it has been the flu shot that has them a little warm and crabby. I had one long time ago and i was warm and felt crabby. Allie's eyes look like she has lacked sleep, poor baby. Teething is a hard time also, because you don't see anything for awhile and it just seems like they are fussy babies. Hang in there, these too shall pass. Poppy and I are putting up the tree tonight, don't ask me why, it is just the two of us. As usual we have decorated outside too. :) XO LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. Nana

Kim said...

It shouldn't still be the flu's been 2 weeks...

Anonymous said...

Hum....well maybe they are just tired from all the stuff they are doing. Anyway it is Snowing...1st snow this year on ground and it came at a perfect time. We put the tree up tonight. Hugs to all and hope they are feeling better soon. I'm sure they will be.

Lauren and Jeff said...

Well, it sounds pretty much exactly like what we experienced with Morgan when she was teething. She was warm, fussy and her sleep was all screwed up. Just like you, we didn't know what was going on at first. We used a combo of Orajel and cold teething rings to keep Morgan as happy as possible during the day. When she woke up crying (either way too early in the morning or in the middle of the night) we gave her Tylenol to help with the pain. It seems like their teeth hurt them more when they are lying down, so I think that's why teething messes with their sleep.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie, I'm glad the fussier days have left for awhile. Wow, you got grumpy neighbors upstairs. Maybe they should get earplugs. Not to be picky, but their vacummn cleaner makes a lot of racket. Pounding on the floor will get both babies unhappy and Mom, too. I guess that is one of the times Jesus said to turn the other check, huh? It's never fun to have upstairs neighbor's is it? Our hearts are always with you all, Grandma

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie, I'm glad that you got to the happier days again. Your neighbors sound grumpy. Maybe they should get earplugs! Their vacummn cleanner makes a lot of noise and wakes the babies and pounding on the floor is pretty rude, plus wakes the other one, as well. But I guess that is a case where Jesus said to turn the other check, huh? Having upstairs neighbors is hard. Our hearts are with you, Grandma

Anonymous said...

Oops, Kim!!! I waited and waited and decided the first one wasn't going to go through so did it over!

Kim said...

I felt Ryan's gums today and I definitely felt new bumps (but they are I have a feeling there are many more days left!). Thanks for the tips...zi never thought about the teeth hurtnig more when they lay down, but that definitely seems to be the case!
Our neighbors are generally wonderful (don't get me wrong), but it's hard to be friendly at 4 am :) I'm just trying to figure out how to work with the challenges of living in a 2 family home (that is not well insulated against sound!).