November 10, 2009

Hello, Goodbye, Hello, Goodbye...

Today was a sad day. My parents left to go back to NE, and saying goodbye wasn't easy. I learned a few things from this goodbye:

I become more and more like my mom as I get older. I never used to be the cry-at-goodbye type (Mom always was and I used to make fun of her)...but each goodbye gets harder & harder.

2 babies who have gotten used to at least 2 adults answering their every beck and call are not happy when they have to go back to 1 mommy.

Babies DO notice when someone is gone, and they are NOT happy.

I think goodbyes get more difficult when you have kids. I'm not sure exactly why (I have theories...), but it seems to.

We had a fabulous time with you Papa & Gigi!
Now we're getting ready to go to Logan's wedding! I am, of course, excited by the many hellos we will say in a few days, but already feel a bittersweet feeling knowing how hard the goodbyes will be. I know I shouldn't be sad about goodbyes before we even say the hellos, but I am...

So, what have we done in this fabulous in-between-time after Papa & Gigi left and before we go?

The babies enjoyed a new favorite treat. Baby Mum-Mum. I went to Whole Foods looking for teething biscuits (which I suddenly realized they could eat and might like), and discovered these. The babies are big fans (although mommy has to keep an eye because they have a penchant for literally biting off more than they can chew!).

Tonight I attempted something that has never before been done in our household. What was this daring feat?
Bath Night with 1 adult.
I had previously pondered the logistics of attempting such a caper, but never felt that we were quite ready. Tonight, however, I was spurred on by my forgetfulness. See, last night should have been bath night, but I forgot. And normally I would just wait, but the babies were seriously messy (can't you tell from the mum-mum pictures?), and I felt like clean babies would travel happier. So, daredevil that I am, I tried it. One baby played in the exersaucer in the kitchen while I bathed & clothed the other, and then we switched with bottles & bedtime to follow. I knew that I would have to bathe Allie first (Ryan had been in a serious funk ever since Papa & Gigi's departure and I knew there was no way he would be willing to play after his bath while sis took hers). I knew that I would have to bathe them quickly. It went pretty well. Allie started to lose it at the end, but all-in-all I would say it was a success. Not something I want to do on a regular basis. But it works in a pinch!

I am thankful for:

A wonderful visit with my parents.

A trip to see family to look forward to.

A working dryer (I know I put it for yesterday, but you don't know how relieved I am that it has survived the many loads of laundry today!)
Allie's sweet independence today (to balance Ryan's day of fussy clingyness)
Bedtime!! I survived on my own after a week of having help.

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Anonymous said...

Goodbye's are horrible. Nana