July 28, 2010

Weekend Recap

It was a BUSY weekend (and busy week after - which is why I'm just now getting to this post!)

In lieu of the latest (and worst ever) explosion of diaper rash, and in the interest of "airing out" we started the day with a trip to the Miller Water Park, and then a toddler toga party! (note: as mentioned in the previous post, we started thinking it was the water. I'm conviced we were right because Lucas filled the softener with salt and their rashes immediately cleared up!)

Just when we started to get dressed I heard a funny beeping sound outside. I looked out the window to discover that they were here to drop off our new fridge (5 minutes before the beginning of the 8 hour window they had originally given us!).

Do I love my new fridge, you ask? Well, in general, a fridge is a fridge. It keeps stuff cold. That makes me happy. It is a little smaller than our old fridge, and the ice maker is REALLY loud, but I'm sure I will adjust and won't think about the difference. I'm just happy to have something that works!

It was a super hot day - one where you definitely did not want to play outside - and since we no longer had to wait for our fridge to be delivered, I decided to take the twins on an adventure. We started by going to visit the Cascades Humane Society (sorry for the poor picture quality...I felt akward bringing out my huge camera, and chose to take covert phone pics instead!).

The twins checking out all the cats. Allie kept looking at me and saying, "ki-tty! ki-tty!" while Ryan laughed a loud belly laugh every time the kittens jumped from one level to the next (which was a lot). There was one cat that loved them and never stopped looking at them when they were nearby. Had Lucas not been allergic...

A few of the dogs we saw. The twins know that dogs make a panting noise, so they did that constantly while we were there. I also showed them how dogs drink their water, and they practiced sticking out their tongues (a new trick)!


Saturday was a day of seeing dear, wonderful, long-time friends. We made a trip to Indiana and popped in to see one of Lucas best friends (and housemates) from college and his family. The twins had a great time playing with their 2 older girls and running around (until they ran into each other and conked heads...then Allie was done).
All together!

After spending some time with them we rushed over to Olive Garden to meet up with on of my best friends (and housemates) from college and her husband and her parents (who essentially adopted all of us girls when they would come and visit). We enjoyed a wonderful meal and time of catching up.

It was really great to see these dear friends, catch up, and reminisce.

Me & Becca with the twinners

The whole gang!

The kicker? On the way home Allie got really fussy, and we weren't exactly sure why...until we got home. I thought I saw a flash of something yucky as Lucas was getting her out of the seat, but Lucas thought I was being paranoid after our Cracker Barrel experience. That was until he set her down and saw the ginormous mess she left on his shirt! That's right - an exceptional blowout. It covered her clothes, legs, and shoes. It filled her car seat. It even got on her hands...and (gasp! gag!) on her face! It was a mess. Perhaps it is a sign that we shouldn't eat out with the twins for a while...


Sunday was a little more low key (read: mommy was experiencing some serious back pain, and that put a halt to all adventures!). But Sunday evening we decided to do some grillin' to go with the yummy corn on the cob a church member had given us (home grown, organic, yummo!). I decided it would be a great opportunity to teach the twins how to shuck corn (they're at an age where they are interested in what I'm doing, so I'm starting to include them in everything at whatever level. It's fun!)
Pre-shucking. They weren't sure exactly what to make of it...

...but Ryan was confident it was edible!

Allie knew the hairy stuff was supposed to come off...

Ryan decided that maybe it was a phone (note: EVERYTHING is a phone right now!)

The finished product (well, actually, this was before it was cooked, but they still seemed to enjoy it!)

They liked the raw corn so much that I had a really hard time getting it away from them to cook...and then they were very hesitant to eat it once it was cooked! Oh, well...

And THAT was our weekend!

I will try to post one more time this week. We have been extremely busy, but with really, REALLY ordinary things (for the most part) which doesn't make for very exciting blogging... We are getting ready to head up North for Lucas working week away, and trying to get everything set up for VBS, and trying to cram in some fun social events, and all of that combined with normal life is keeping us really busy!


Anonymous said...

Love the picture with Ryan with the corn to his ear. He sure loves that phone. Glad you got to see old friends. Always fun!! So excited about the bums clearing up and hopefully that mystery is solved and put to rest. Missing all of you guys, wish Dan had a little more time off. I've been telling some folks about Lucas preaching at church nautical sunday, excited about that. Love to all, Nana
ps..too bad Gigi and Papa weren't closer it would be a great weekend for them to come up to Northern MI. hint

Anonymous said...

Would have loved too. but we are headed south to see Matt at work. we will be up that way in about 2 weeks and some. Have a good time with the twins. with love Gigi

Lauren and Jeff said...

What did the guy from Lowe's think about you taking his picture? I can't imagine that happens too frequently.

Kim said...

I'm not sure if the Lowe's guy knew Lucas took his picture... He seemed pretty laid back though :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm with Nana. The photo of Ryan with the corn to his ear is adorable!!! His eyes are awesome. I kept looking and looking for a blog and then I missed this one until I talked to your Mom a bit ago. Thanks so much. The pictures are all wonderful. Your life has so many great moments because you give joy to your life. We love you. G-gran